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What do you think about this one ?

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    January 27, 2009 7:40 AM EST
    Hi Sergio,

    If I were writing this, I would delete the phrase "THE MONEY."  I would then rewrite the first paragraph.  Something to the affect:

    We all know a simple direct mail marketing campaign can be expensive.  You might pay upwards of $3,400.00 just to reach say 8, 000customers in your area.  This cost includes writing, printing and mailing your ad to potential customers.  Then, only a small percentage of those potential customer may respond to the ad. 

    With advertising dollars tight, you need a better solution.  Store Front Magazine is your answer.  For less than a third of a traditional direct mail campaign, we can reach the same customer base.  That could mean a savings of at least $2,400.00 for you.  That`s $2,400.00 you could put into other areas of your company.  Or, buy additional advertising with us.

    Again Sergio, this is just a suggestion.  Good luck.

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    January 26, 2009 10:38 PM EST

    Ok this is another sales letter/ E-mail that I will be sending out hopefully it is much better…I think it is. But what does the SUN community think?

    The Money

    So now that you know why Store Front Magazine is the best advertising service in town. Now where going to tell you why you’re advertising money goes a long way with our service.

    With Store Front Magazine each advertisement will cost you $0.12.5 cents per ad.


    Your expenses If you where to advertise yourself. You would have to -

    1.     Buy the stamps- As of February, 2008, it costs 42 cents for the first ounce of a mailer

    and 17 cents for each additional ounce. Postcard stamps are 27 cents

    2.     Pay for the printing - the average cost of printing is $00.25cents to $00.35cents

    3.     Pay for delivery

    4.     Pay for label printing

    5.     Look for and buy a reliable mailing list

    Ok let us do the math for you.

    Let’s say you lived and operated your business in Emporia and you want to advertise to home owners only which happens to be 8,000 homes. So because 3 through 5 depend on the services and vendors you choose we will only include the postage expense.

    8,000 direct mail ads means you need to buy 8,000 stamps that comes to about $3,360.00 on the stamps alone!

    With Store Front Magazine you get 8,000 direct mail ads for the price of $1,000.00

    Yup, so right off the bat you’re guaranteed to save $2,360.00 when you advertise with Store Front Magazine.

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