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Choosing Right Home Business Sales Plan

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    May 21, 2013 10:35 PM EDT

    Hello everyone.

    I currently need advise on how to churn revenue into this home business that doesn't exists yet. We're still in planning phase.

    Let's say I have some goods that need lead time to make, my partners discusses that having to pre-order and keeping exstocks would be a good choice since:



    Qty: 10

    Cost: $10 each


    So I would just have to sell 5 pieces of my goods and I would already have covered my expenses and whatever that is left would be my 100% profit.


    However, businesses are not so kind and these two are the best of all the sources that we've inquired:

    1st SCENARIO:

    Qty: 10

    Cost: $12 each


    Need to sell: 6 pieces breakeven

    Exstock: 4 pieces



    Qty: 20

    Cost: $8.50 each


    Need to sell: 9 pieces breakeven

    Exstocks: 11 pieces


    Condition here is that you're a nobody, you do not have any fanbase yet and you plan to have to meet a requirement of the NTS(need to sell) quota before you can pre-order and send the orders, but I feel that it would be a let down for those who really want to get the shirt but is unable to because we cannot make a loss.


    So I would like advice on how to build my sales plan and be able to maintain revenue and interest in the next few years.