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shipping question

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    June 26, 2006 8:14 AM EDT

    Ok, back to the topic at hand....

    Marcy,  First off, I`m no shipping expert. LOL! How funny that I have to preface my comment with that! Maybe I`ll start every post with that phrase. It`s a new figure of speech that.

    It`s no failure to offer local shipping only. It works for Craig`s list people all the time. But I think that you will find some people will still be willing to foot the cost to have items shipped using a third party regardless of cost. Just be honest  and tell them that it will cost them an arm and a leg. If they really want it, you can ship it. Just tell them to send their arm and leg in a refrigerated box and you`ll gladly ship their item. Sure. Most people are fond of their limbs but at least you won`t be ruling out the few that have limbs to spare and don`t really care what it costs if they can`t get it otherwise. When you finally reach discount volumes you will be able to cut the cost and more easily reach people so that they can pay with money instead of body parts.

    But remember. I`m not an expert.

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    May 12, 2006 3:19 AM EDT


    Ahhh, the joys and learning experience of a startup business. Keep smiling ... every bump in the road is another opportunity to learn something to make you and your company better.

    Speciality boxes are expensive to have made. Have you researched trying to find a box supplier with a box size(s) close to what you need? I don`t believe your products are the first in these sizes. There are other companies that ship large desk/organizer pieces. It`s just a matter of tracking down some of these companies and finding out who  produces their shipping boxes - most will share this info. In this day and age, most everything has been done at least once. If your box source is not helpful, move on. I have to believe there is a supplier out there with a solution ready for you.

    Shipping. Look into common carrier frieght services - LTL (Less than a load). Many times, common carriers are better setup to handle large, bulky items than FedEx or UPS. It may add a day or so to your delivery time, but I don`t see where most people ordering your product have to have it ASAP. These freight carriers handle large bulky items all the time and most have smaller trucks that even do intown services to homes. Something to look into.

    Making your crates is not a bad idea either. Once again, seek out professionals in your area. You may be surprised - there are people and companies out there that make a living doing nothing but building special shipping crates. Might be someone who builds trade show crates. Or maybe a cabinet maker filling in slow time. Point here is this: these people can probably help you find better solutions to your packing issues - quicker and better. Network - you don`t have to do everything yourself. There are lots of people who can help.


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    May 11, 2006 7:16 PM EDT
    Is everything pre-assembled?


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    June 25, 2006 11:32 AM EDT
    play nice, everyone. this is all in the spirit of helping out... if you guys want to start a rant post, then do a dedicated topic for that - but this topic is about helping marcy.

    Rich Sloan , Co-Founder, Chief Startupologist, StartupNation

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    June 25, 2006 11:51 AM EDT
    you always come through, mike!

    Rich Sloan , Co-Founder, Chief Startupologist, StartupNation

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    June 24, 2006 6:22 PM EDT

    Richard i liked what you said. and how-to!!

    Kim, watch out for cats the sh*t in woods
    on a rainy day!!

    Peter, i think you did a great job outlining
    the basics. But, maybe you need to stay
    out of logistics for this one.

    ....Mike you sound like a manager, but(?)

    Scrappy, I know a auctioneer who sells

    on ebaY live - eBaY live was started when
    Southenbys shut doors on eBaY. My auctioneer
    sells very high-end furniture and collectibles - he
    doesn`t pretend to be an expert at packing. He
    has sought a third party - mailing service - to
    complete the process. It says in his auction
    that the buyer must call the independant
    mailing service for details and costs.

    However, you might not want to do this -

    because its expensive and time consuming.

    Now , i recognize that you don`t have much
    experience in shipping based on your sad-tell-stories.

    O.k. that`s fine. You only need to take one
    item to local mail service and have them
    ship to a relatives house because you need
    and example of success. When the pack
    arrrives - study the shipping methods that
    the service provide you with. Take pictures
    and bring the package back with you.

    Unless you do a volume of mailing, you won`t
    have the expierence necessary to know what
    feels right?

    I was a commercial shipper of both large
    machinery and small parcels...for a german

    The shipping company should assume full

    responsibilty to the problems. Keep sending

    them out - with experience comes success!!

    Break it down: do you have the materials, the
    scale, the documents, the supplies, the skill

    etc. etc. etc.

    Always tell you customers that the carrier is at

    You should be able to build a custom
    container from discount suppliers.

    Learning how to modify flaps and
    box sizes isn`t easy, but it works

    with basic modifications.

    I`ve done all that before!!

    Don`t forget the fragile and dont

    stack on top stickers, too!!!

    Make sure you put note on
    shipping document that this
    is high risk stuff!!

    Insure the package and tell
    the carrier that you would like

    for them to research the cause
    of damage.  and you want to
    know why they did wrong or
    prove what you did wrong.

    Dont deal with any shipping service
    based on reasons other than
    performance and costs.

    I can tell you right here and now
    that you know biz but your not
    a good shipping expert.

    sincerely. (a shipper)

    by the way, if you are ever out my

    way - I would like to meet with you.

    your very nice!

    I am no longer posting on this forum. A fellow citizen here suggested that I should Think before I add commitary to my postings. I thought he was wrong, but I am mistaked(not everyone digs Mr.Wicks) E

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    June 25, 2006 3:58 AM EDT

    Answer: Who broke it!

    I go to Dinner and their is hair in food

    who broke it? Why should I pay!!

    also, someone a few pages ago

    started opinion of another, I can

    raise my opinions too! however,
    i don`t plan to try to understand
    motives in the first opinion.

    Just my thoughts of the relative
    to subject matter.

    Send me email to b*tch.

    I don`t want lady to be consumed
    with entries that aren`t relative




    I am no longer posting on this forum. A fellow citizen here suggested that I should Think before I add commitary to my postings. I thought he was wrong, but I am mistaked(not everyone digs Mr.Wicks) E

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    June 25, 2006 2:47 PM EDT

    O.k., Rich - my final!

     democracy built before 1900Y as

    `Economic Opportunity.

     In a democracy, people may go into business for themselves. If they prosper, they enjoy the rewards that go with success. If they fail, they may try again or change their work. The decisions, the risks, and the rewards are their own.` ename=/article/article.html

    I am no longer posting on this forum. A fellow citizen here suggested that I should Think before I add commitary to my postings. I thought he was wrong, but I am mistaked(not everyone digs Mr.Wicks) E

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    May 11, 2006 4:43 PM EDT

    I`m having a very difficult time with shipping and packaging.  I`m selling furniture units on line... some are oversized like the desks 30x80, then I have one unit that is 47.5x14x5.75, so I can`t go to uline and get a stock box for these units.  We`ve finally decided to try and make our own crates... it`s more labor intensvie, but it`s cheaper then having to have a diecut made for each box and then having to purchase 100 of each box... It was going to cost me about $25000 for one diecut and each box was $30 each if I purchased in lots of 50... That`s one size box! The thought of spending close to $100,000 for boxes when it took $4000 to start my business is mind boggling to me!  If anyone has any suggestions or companies I can check into, please share...

    Then there`s shipping.  I just shipped my 1st set of desks.  The box company that quoted me those outrageous prices gave me sample boxes that were made to fit my desks.  My customer rec`d one of her desks today and and 2 of her corners were damaged slightly.  She said the box was not in bad shape, so it had to be the way fed ex handled it.  But I can`t do anything with fed ex, (the box is ok)  We packed it with 1/2" styro foam all they way around and put peanut (foam) all around.  I thought that would be plenty... but they had to have really been rough with the handling of the unit to damage it like that! ANY suggestions on packaging?

    I really look forward to hearing suggestions...

    Thanks Marcy 

    Marcy Shuler
    Scrapbook Furniture and Organizers

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    May 12, 2006 3:04 AM EDT

    yes, that is one of my features... everything ships assembled... since I`m catering to mostly women...  I know I hate (mainly) my husband hates to put together the sauder units etc... I know, people will say, why don`t you ship flat packed... well, the desk, is as flat as you can get... it`s a simple rectangle with four legs that screw on... you can`t get more flat then that, and it arrived slightly damaged, on the corners... I`m so upset... there has to be something?  I know there are companies that ship larger items like this...

    The thought, though, of spending thousands of dollars just for packing and boxes makes my brain hurt.  I feel I have a product that could do really well, but I feel `stuck` because of the shpg and pkg issues... I`d love more input...

    Thanks Marcy

    Marcy Shuler
    Scrapbook Furniture and Organizers

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    May 14, 2006 6:37 PM EDT


    is this company just out of Ca?  I`m in N FL... so how could they pick up freight if they don`t have a facility here?


    I have to tell you... I`m so depressed right now! Just had 4 units delivered damaged... one of them, I thought would be perfect, ended up being the worst.  My mfr actually made crate... out of heavy duty corrugated sheets and framed it with a 1" wood... so six sides framed, so on all seams, there were 2 1" pieces of wood... it arrived in a different box that had no pkg in side... the unit was torn from top to bottom!  I insure all my units, I`ll be calling fed ex tomorrow to see what needs to be done...thankfully, she said I can try again... so she`s willing to give me another chance... but I have to figure out how to get the carrier not toss it around like it`s a rag doll!  I`m looking into the insta pack foam... what do you think about that? I`m called sealed air tomorrow to find out more info. 

    As for calling furniture companies, most of these furniture companies, purchase their furniture from overseas...

    Mike what are you using to ship your furniture?

    Thanks Marcy

    Marcy Shuler
    Scrapbook Furniture and Organizers

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    May 15, 2006 6:47 AM EDT


    Just called Conejo and they do mainly next day air... and since they are based in CA, trucking would not work... but, he did say he`d check on a few things for me and get back to me... meanwhile, I`m still researching...



    Marcy Shuler
    Scrapbook Furniture and Organizers

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    June 25, 2006 11:25 AM EDT

    wow guys....

    Thanks for all the input!  I think I`m having to change my business a bit, until I can afford large qty`s of pkg materials along with boxes.  I`m going to shoot for the local community... This way, I can deliver the product for a fee, or the product can be picked up.  No pkg, and no shpg companies.  I`m not giving up!


    Marcy Shuler
    Scrapbook Furniture and Organizers

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    April 27, 2013 1:16 AM EDT

    Nice discussion on this shipping question and if you want any shipping services, YFSIndia is there for best services.

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    June 24, 2006 6:45 AM EDT



    I know I`m very late to chime in on this, but I`ve been out of touch for awhile. First of all, have you found any good solutions to your challenges? You mentioned 1) difficulty in finding appropriate size boxes, 2) selecting proper internal packing material and 3) finding a freight shipper who won`t destroy your merchandise. I may have some suggestions for you if you are still looking for solutions. Let me know where you`re at right now and I`ll go from there. Thanks,