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Free Copywriting Crash Course

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    April 8, 2013 4:46 AM EDT
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    Learn Copywriting - Change Your Future – Take Charge of Your Life


    Yes, you can change your life and improve your future when you learn how to write the copy that turns the wheels of business and gets results.

    SFSC’s Free Copywriting Crash Course will get your started in the essentials of Direct Response Copywriting. Copywriting can be your entrée into a lucrative career, full of independence, interesting work and a life with flexibility and freedom.

    Our free introductory class will show you how to make your writing more powerful and persuasive. You’ll learn how to speak to the needs of your target audience and push their ‘emotional buy buttons.

    Whether you’re writing sales letters, cover letters emails campaigns, white papers or websites, you must reach your prospect and capture their self-interest. You’ll learn the same action provoking techniques professional copywriters use to win a client, close a sale or raise funds. You’ll craft copy that will ‘open the wound and pour in the salt.’ - making the problems and challenge your audience face crystal clear and certain. Then, in stark relief you’ll learn how to provide the soothing balm - the real solution to their problem – the solution they’ll ‘just have to have’.

    When you register for the class you’ll receive our Easy Copywriting Guide and our 9 point copywriting desktop cheat sheet. Guides that will give you tips you can use to improve your writing immediately.

    Our crash course will give you the insider copywriting secrets you can take to the bank, whether you use them to make more money for your business or company or write for clients.

    Join us. Register Today!

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