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A truly interactive math BA study website.

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    February 12, 2013 5:01 PM EST

    I read your article and Its great details about math BA study website. People more like to use internet for get all types of info about any education degree.


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    November 14, 2012 12:41 PM EST


    I was inspired by a web-site called Duolingo, aiming at learning Spanish, among other languages. 

    I understand that learning math and physics, is probably harder than learning a new spoken language, and that in any case, Duolingo is only a very basic learning tool. 

    Yet, after taking a Spanish course at the university, and not having much of a good experience, I must admit that learning Spanish again, via a truly interactive software, is an incredibly more fun and positive experience.

    I have been wondering (and searching the subject in Google, with no interesting results) - 

    Why is there no website on the web today, that is truly visual and interactive, at college level, whole path from beginning to end, of a BA degree - in math, physics and science: Taught exclusively by an artificial intelligence software!? 

    I try to imagine a new learning web site of this kind - That will be very fast to register (matter of minutes), that will enable me to start immediately after registeration, extremely (extremely) visual and extremely interactive, including detailed visual mapping of study progress, easy and interactive integrated intelligent approach to formulas and equations, exams, included at every customary milestone and a new interactive visual method for learning how to write math signs on a computer keyboard. 

    A Learning tool that may enable a student, using only his/her computer on the web, nothing more required, seamlessly the same tool for everyone, enabling either to learn an hour a day for 15 years or if one chooses, 9 hours a day for 3 years, or any amount in btween. No fixed hours or pace dictated from 'above' by human teachers - totally incremental and flexible regarding pace of progress. No need to go to a class room, not even once a year. 

    Is the human race still so far away from this kind of goal or is the reason that such a web-site still does not exist, derived only from economical reasons? 

    Is it not possible at present days, for an automatic software, to understand and control by precise didactic details, a human learning progress, at the complexity level required for a human that is interested in learning exact science at a BA degree? 

    I would like to hear you opinions!