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Succeeding in Business and in Matrimony

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    November 8, 2006 11:04 AM EST
    Bring the same passion for entrepreneurship that you have to your marriage, and it`ll ROCK !!!! (so to speak)
    Does that mean Rich should break everything down into 10 Steps?
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    November 8, 2006 6:47 PM EST

    Hey Rich,

    So great to hear about your fabulous news!  I`ve been happily married for over 6 years and have three points I always share with newly married or engaged couples:

    1)  Make sure you both have the same passions in life.  In your case, I`m assuming that one of your passions is Entrepreneurship.  Sharing a common passion in life can take you a long way.  In my case, I had to find someone that shared my passion for severe weather.  Most guys just wouldn`t understand dropping everything at 10 PM to go out driving to watch some incredible lightning for an hour or so on a work night.  (We did this countless times when we lived in Oklahoma)  Before I was married, I saw so many stormchaser men marry women that had no passion or even respect for what their guy loved.   Then they end up getting nagged all the time about something they love doing instead of sharing it with the most important person in their life!

    2) Remember, it`s never 50/50.  Some days you`ll feel like only giving 20, and she`ll give 110!  Other days, you`ll end up giving 99%, and realize she only giving 10%.  In the real world, we sometimes get sick, tired, grumpy, depressed, focused on something besides our spouse, etc.  Always shoot for excellence when it comes to being the best you can be to your mate.  However, don`t always let your feelings rule your marriage.  There may be days when you don`t like each other so much, but that is not what marriage is about.  COMMIT COMMIT COMMIT.

    So, when you go through rough patches, just remember that it`s not always fair, and allow your commitment to each other to carry you through those hard times.

    3) The day in all of my marriage that I felt most loved by my husband was the day I raised up in the bed as he was heading out for work and said, "I don`t feel so good", and proceed to puke all over myself and the bed. 

    Without missing a beat, he cleaned up me and the bed, and made sure I was resting comfortably before leaving for work.  That`s true love. 

    Forget flowers, love letters, and romantic dinners...clean up your wife`s puke and she`ll know that your love for her is true!


    Creative Gal

    CreativeGal2006-11-9 4:2:8
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    November 9, 2006 1:15 PM EST
    Rich... That`s wonderful. Since I have only sailed through my first 3 years of marriage, I don`t feel qualified to provide my "wise" advice. But it seems to me, that never allowing your love together, to become routine might help.

    Really though. Congratulations!

    Vincent Wilcox (a.k.a. KRAKR)
    My band: Letters Make Words