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The hottest business opportunities today

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    October 10, 2007 8:29 AM EDT
    I`d been using Profit Wildfire, an almost carbon copy of PIF4P, for 6 months to build my primary business but my results were limited until I switched to MFF. Why?
    The thing about PIF4P is, you`re mainly helping the founders build their mailing list, I mean, visitors to my website would go onto my mailing list, (as I paid the monthly fee for the Response Magic Autoresponder), but anyone visiting the site of one of my sign ups would be completely off my radar if they didn`t join any of the various programs within, but ALL new signups from ALL the replicated sites would go onto the list of the website founders regardless.
    So you`re not exactly duplicating what they`ve done at all unless you copy their site and make one for yourself. Which I guess is why the founders of Profit Wildfire did just that.
    But thats a big job and I have a life to lead. I mean, this making money online business is supposed to be on autopilot right? I should be making money in my sleep not spending every waking hour slaving over a hot keyboard.. right?
    Thankfully, I discovered a similar free system with the same purpose, building a primary business, using GDI and Direct Matches up front, using listbuilders, eliminating the problem above, and no monthly fees for an autoresponder.

    Much better.
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    October 18, 2006 9:11 AM EDT

    Don`t count out network marketing style business models. There are some amazing new programs out there that are having success rates in the high 80% range vs. the days of old where the fail rates were higher than that.

    There are full turn key marketing systems included with these new systems. Some of them out there now are paying 100% commission and offerring a no selling plan. Where they will make all the sales for you and the conversion rates are huge.

    There is very little investment with these as well. So almost anyone can afford them. For around $650.00 you can have a turn key business. With a complete proven marketing system that works. All you need is 2 qualifying sales which they will make for you and you are eligable to make $500 commission on evey sale after that.

    Sound too good to be true? It`s not.


    Work Less Succeed More

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    October 18, 2006 1:22 PM EDT


    There are a couple of them doing this right now. But they aren`t really MLM`s. I think ther are calling them leveraged marketing. In an MLM you rely on your down line heavily. You really can`t make any money with out a strong down line. The new ones I am talking about are not designed this way.

    In most MLM`s you`ll need so many sales to qualify for a check and then your check is peanuts. You end up just making the guy above you rich. These I am describing you only need 2 sales to be qualified. Once your are qualified you`ll make full commission on each sale.

    Global resorts is my new fav..

    Easy Daily Cash is another good one
    This one is a little cheaper at around $350 by the time all is said and done pitched at $297. They pay out 100% of the 297 after your first to sales. This one list he owners names and direct phone numbers right on the sales page.

    These two have huge income potential. 

    There is some more information about them on my website.


    RobFranta2007-1-7 23:51:0

    Work Less Succeed More

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    October 20, 2006 4:35 AM EDT


     You have some good thoughts. Let me give you my take on some of the things that you have mentioned. First on the product:

    The 1 Step System is just that. 1 Step. (Catchy huh?).... The product they are selling is called the marketers took kit. This product comes with so many unbelievable things. It is a complete a to z package with everything you need to success fully market a product. Not just MLM or any other acronym you want to throw out there, but any product at all. This system has taught me more about marketing then what I have learned in the last 7 years trying to make money on the internet. There is over $2000.00 worth of audio training E-Books and Software on information marketing, selling strategies, advertising, and internet marketing. This alone has been worth 5X the price of admission for me. This was the best money I have ever spent dollar for dollar. This is a product I can truly stand behind and feel good when I sell it to someone else. If I can make $500.00 a sale while I am doing it so be it.

    Think about it if I was to go to trade schools to try and learn everything this system can teach me it would cost me thousands of dollars and take me years to learn. I’m not saying I can learn it through osmosis now but I have a ready need for it now to market and sell the product. This will motivate me to learn it faster. I will be getting hands on real world training. I guess I could go to technical schools and learn it, then try to apply it in the real world and find out I wasted all my money on a piece of paper and now I have to actually learn what they claimed they were teaching me and charged me thousands of dollars for. You should get my point….  

    Now for the big business. I am going to enjoy this part.

    The big companies are doing it right now and have been for years. They call them salespeople and they pay them a crappy salary or commission. Think about a salesperson or affiliate is just a fancy name for network marketer. They are getting paid to sell a product for a company. Fortune 500’s type’s waste a ton of money on advertising and their corporate salaries, jets, fancy hotels, ETC. With this type of business model the marketer or affiliate takes the hit on advertising if he chooses to. Big businesses are going to have to change their ways soon. Today’s advancements in day to day lifestyles TIVO and such, is making it harder and harder to effectively advertise.

    There are plenty of midsized companies networking right now. I see affiliate stuff from my local phone company, Direct TV, Mark Kay, Longeberger, Simply Tasteful, the list can go on. Most of these still have crappy pay scales. I think the main reason people have a huge problem with networking is the stigma that was created from days of old with Amway, the phone company one and a lot of the others where only the people at the top levels make the money.

    The new style systems still allow the higher up’s to make more money like a corporate head would. While allowing the newer marketer to replace his investment and start making a noticeable amount of money in just a few weeks, depending on how hard he works. Look at some business statistics. 90% of small business fail It cost over $100,000.00 to start any brick and mortar type business which are losers for the first 5 years if they succeed 5 years at all. Did I mention over 90% fail.

    So for my small fee I have a home based business that I can work as much or as little as I want. I can work from home in my spare time to supplement my current salary or I can go full tilt and try to make it my life. This business has everything one needs to succeed. It has proven and tested formulas that work. It is going to teach me what I need to know not only to be successful but valuable life lessons I can apply for the rest of my life. Get this they are going to pay me as well.

    This is a no brainer! You will only not succeed if you don’t apply your self.

    Do you think your brick and mortar business will last forever? Small businesses are closing every day. If the company goes away in a few years so be it I will feel bad but I will know 90% of the people below me did not loose their retirement, medical or everything they worked the last 20 years for. Just to be tossed out on the road by some corporate head from Ford or such that has no loyalty to it’s employees. We made our money while it was going strong hopefully we invested it well and can live off it until we find the next wave.

    Bottom line businesses fail everyday from large brick mortar type to MLM and such. There is no difference in my mind. Only difference here is I have the ability make very large sum of money while this one is running strong. At Ford all I can make is a salary. In my own brick mortar type business I would have way to much too lose and a long hard road to success. If I make it I still could loose it all by some Wallmart type coming into my town 8 years from now.

    Thanks for your comments. I doubt I can change your mind but hopefully I have given you some valid point to consider. Plus now I have some good text for my website.....


    Here is the link again maybe I have earned a click now.

    RobFranta2006-10-20 9:42:51

    Work Less Succeed More

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    October 23, 2006 6:02 AM EDT

    I would just like to touch on a couple of things. You stated there may not be a lot of interest for this product. Here I really have to disagree.

    If you look at the search history for the word marketing it will show you exactly the opposite. The word marketing was searched 1,123,521 times last month in Yahoo. Yes that is 1 million. Google`s volume will typically be 8 to 10 times that of Yahoo`s volume. That`s another 9 million or so at Google. Those are just 2 search engines and they total over 10 million searches last month alone. These are all people interested in marketing.

    That looks like a pretty big market to me when you consider you brick and mortar business in a city of 100,000. Maybe 10% of those people have a need for what you are selling (10,000). Then maybe 10% of those people show up at your door and buy something (1000). Now you have all the over head to toss on top plus the cost of the product you are selling with a 20% profit margin if you are lucky and you end up with nothing but a lot of work and minimal profits. 

    Iy you look at the internet business if only 1% of these 10 million people had an interest in what I was selling that is 100,000 potential customers a month. I have almost no overhead except for my advertising cost. Which there is a ton of free advertising on the web. (The system shows you all of this.) The product I resell has no cost to me, it sells for $597.00 of which I make 83% commission or $500.00. Let’s say 1% of the 100,000 found my webpage. That’s 1,000 people lets say I sold 1% of those people. That is 10 sales times 500.00 that is 5,000 a month income. Selling just 1% of  1% of the actual people interested. This does not take into account the people who may be interested in my product strictly from a network marketing or mlm perspective to simple make money.

    Remember the internet is world wide. Anyone who can read English is a potential customer.

    As for the pay scale follow this link I think you will be amazed. There is a good video at the bottom of the page that shows step by step how it works. amp;theme=1


    Work Less Succeed More

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    October 23, 2006 6:18 AM EDT

    A couple of things I forgot to mention.

    Every sale I bring in has to give me their first 2 sales. You`ll see this in the video. So my downline will also be working for me for a short time. If they make sales I get the 500 for their first 2. Then they make the comission.

    The second thing is is this system is automated. You are not talikng to people or selling people. The system does it for you. I put my time in advertising for free to drive traffic to my site thats it. The system works while I am sleeping, on vacation, at my "for now" real job.

    Again this is a no brainer.



    Work Less Succeed More

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    October 24, 2006 3:26 AM EDT

    I did misword my every one who reads english comment.

    However that`s why I said 1 % of the people who searched that word my be intrested in what I am selling. Then 1% of those people find my site. Then 1% of thoes actually buy in. That is a very small percentage. It is also only based on one keyword.

    If we did this equation by 1/2% for each group I still have almost 2 sales a month with no overhead and no cost for product. So I have 1000.00 profit. From only one searched keyword. Add in the other 100 keywords that someone may enter to be intrested in my product. "Small business, home business, make money, online business, business opportunity, MLM, Network marketing. " This again just touches the surface. If I can convert just 1/2 a person a month from each keyword. I can easily make 10 to 20k a month. Again in my spare time. The only time I have involved is placing ad`s the website does all the work. If I pay for advertising I can work less but profits will also be lower.

    This market is 100x that of a brick and mortar small business. The only think I see as limiting is the amount of time one puts into it or the drive that person has to succeed.

    Nice chating with you....

    Work Less Succeed More

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    October 25, 2006 3:00 AM EDT

    To be honest Mike I didn`t quite understand the question.

    Please clairify and I will be glad to voice my 2 cents.

    Work Less Succeed More

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    October 25, 2006 9:23 AM EDT

    I don`t understand the statement the way it is worded does not make sense.

    What am I comparing?

    I am not saying my market is based on a keyword search. I could easily sell my product in local newspapers, magazines or any other media. I only used the search term to show you how large my potential internet market is.

    There is no program that will give everyone in the world several reasons to participate. There are too many variables in ones life. Such as standards, nationality, environment, up-bringing and anything else you can imagine will give each person uniqueness and different needs.  All we can hope for is to get a good majority.


    Work Less Succeed More

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    January 7, 2007 5:57 PM EST

    Guys I have found the ultimate program. This is a brand new opportunity and is in prelaunch.

    The parent company has been successfully selling this product for the last 20 years with out any kind of opportunity attached. They have created a network marketing type opportunity to promote it further.

    They have also attached what is the best pay plan I have ever seen. See the pay plan here...

    The product we are talikng about has been sold over the last 20 years for $8k to $12k. They have now drasticly reduced the cost and are paying out nice commissions.

    Get more information here...

    This company is going to make a lot of millionaires this year. I know I`m going to be one of them... This is hot.



    Work Less Succeed More

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    January 11, 2007 6:03 PM EST


    I couldn`t quite pick up the tone of your reply to tell if it was sarcasim or a request.

    Either way you would be wise to get involved. wether you believe in it or not. I am in EDC as I mentioned earlier in this post about a month ago. I am now one of the top earners in the comapny and made 18k in December and have already made 8k this month.

    Global Resorts I feel is going to blow EDC away.

    Anyone is welcome to call me with questions toll free.

    Rob Franta


    RobFranta2007-1-12 0:4:41

    Work Less Succeed More

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    January 16, 2007 9:15 AM EST


    A marketing business is by far the hottest business opportunity today, tomorrow and any day in the future.   I say this as a challenge to everybody to give me reason to think otherwise.

    If someone can create a marketing business that has the ability to successfully market any viable product or business service,  then wouldn`t it be considered the hotest business opportunity  EVER?  Instead of being able to create a success business in any one or two industries, you would be able to create any number of successful businesses within any industry of your desire.

    Imagine your level of success if you developed a program which creatived an incentive that would make every person in the world desire participation.  Suppose this marketing program didn`t stop with just one but actually created several incentives for each individual person to desire participation.  What if this program offered several avenues for participation.  Now that would be the hottest business opportunity today.

    Michael T


    I think you would be surprised by Global Resorts Network. This truly does give  most everybody at least a few reasons to become involved.

    1 most everyone like to travel.

    2 Everyone like and needs to save money on traveling

    3 Everyone like to stay in Lavish resorts while traveling. They can now for the cost of a motel 6.

    4 everyone likes to make money.

    This product alone will pay for itself if you used it on just 2 vacations.

    I have never seen a product so good or a payplan this strong on any network type business model. usually one is lacking. Here they have everything.

    Check it out. Links are towards the bottom of the page.


    Work Less Succeed More

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    January 16, 2007 9:16 AM EST

    No this is called perpetual leverage the comp plan is amazing. comp plan link at bottom of page.


    Work Less Succeed More

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    April 2, 2014 12:58 AM EDT

    Hi All,


    I think no matter what industry, there's always some type of niche that can be used for a great business opportunity.


    Some of the best opportunities I came across revolved around the financial industry because it doesn't evolve so fast. I listed the following in no particular order:


    1. Becoming an insurance agent - the commission is low, but the more customers you get, the income quickly adds up. We are talking about residual income that keeps coming back to you if the customer keeps paying their premiums.


    2. Real Estate - be good at what you do and if you are lucky, you can sell a few houses and make the equivalent of someone working 15 to 30 an hour job. Of course this ain't no walk in the park, like any other business - there are tons of paperwork and the chance that a sale will not go through.

    3. Tax preparer - I love the idea of working a quarter of the year and relaxing for the remainder of the year. Of course, those 3 months leading up to tax day is going to be stressful.


    Even though the ideas above are great, they weren't a good fit for me, so I decided to stick with something I have experience with and that's fixing computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.


    Recently, I have started to look into computer repair franchises, to replicate a successful business model, but franchises are expensive. Some I have looked at are Computer Troubleshooters, Fast-teks, CPR, Nerds To Your Rescue, Inc, etc. So far, the one that catches my attention is Nerds To Your Rescue because of their franchise giveaway videos. Seems a bit suspicious, but we shall see...



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