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Leaving Corporate? What Do You Have to Offer?

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    November 1, 2011 10:35 AM EDT


    Leaving a job, and the alleged security of it, can be pretty scary. After all you've got a place to go every day, a pay check comes periodically and some sort of social interaction. But, mostly there is no upside to it. You can never leverage your position like an owner can - so it’s you, your salary and your thwarted desire.



    Making the jump away from a job requires many skills. But, they all pale next to having a viable service or product to offer, something that fills a need, plugs a hole or solves a problem.



    Two questions:


    1. Have you been considering making a change?


    2.  Do you have a product or service to offer the marketplace; something that could be developed and the passion to drive the transition? (You don't have to disclose it here. Wouldn't want you to give away any trade secrets. Just talk around it.)



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