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Voicemail help?

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    June 18, 2008 6:37 PM EDT

    A voice mail system is great if you have more things to do than answering phones around the clock. It`s also a great way of promoting your products with customized greetings.

    I recommend 101voicemail because they have a flat rate and unlimited usage. I can save as many messages I want and manage them easily online.

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    January 3, 2008 2:52 PM EST
    Hello everyone. Haven`t posted here since the site got updated, looks great! Anyhow, I`m researching potential voicemail/phone services for my company and searched through the archives of this forum for some pointers. I`m strongly considering going with gotvmail due to the positive testimony and the functionality they provide (we definitely need to sound professional to potential clients, and route calls accurately as well). Can anyone chime in with updated comments, since that thread I saw was around a year old?


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    January 7, 2008 5:45 AM EST
    Thanks to everyone for the help, I am looking into several options right now. I still like gotvmail due to the number of referrals I`ve gotten from colleagues, and also the fact that they now have a local number plan (as opposed to strictly a 1-800). However, thanks for the additional referrals and I`ll continue researching!


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    January 3, 2008 2:59 PM EST
    i use RingCentral and am thrilled with the functionality and simplicity... for what it`s worth.

    Rich Sloan , Co-Founder, Chief Startupologist, StartupNation

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    January 3, 2008 9:44 PM EST
    Hi Phantom,
    We use onebox, here are a list of the cool features It is a great service!

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