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    January 16, 2007 5:20 PM EST

    Mr. Paul Walters 12,

    You need to read the SuN rules of posting. To me, this comes across as pure advertising. You have been a "member" since Jan 15th. You have not bothered to completely fill out your profile .... no city, no interests, no nothing. It actually appears to me that you did the minimum just so you could post this advertising message. Mr. Paul Walters 12 .... I am here to inform you ... as a long time and dedicated member of the SuN community, your actions are not appreciated by me and I suspect many SuN Nation members.

    There is nothing wrong with members letting other members know what they do. We actually have a place called the MarketPlace where we encourage members to thoroughly explain and promote their businesses ... but you wouldn`t know about this since you signed up to advertise to a growing audience of startup entreprenuers and you figured it was a big school of fish - throw some bait out there and see what happens.

    Mr. Paul Walters 12 ... I don`t think your intentions were honorable or right or good. This is a positive place and we welcome newcomers with open arms ... however, we don`t welcome phisers.

    I hope the SuN owners take you to the proverbial virtual woodshed and they use the belt and not the switch.


    keycon2007-1-16 23:22:23

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    January 17, 2007 9:11 AM EST
    Maybe Borat posted this.
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    January 16, 2007 4:55 PM EST

    Hello Everyone,
               My name is Mr Paul Walters and i am a private money lender that renders financial assistance to those in need of loans at an interest rate of 3% thus if you are in dire need of a loan, contact us via xxxxxxxxx*


    *(Editor`s note: the contact email address has been deleted from this post. Please see my comment below. Joel Welsh)
    Joel2007-1-17 11:6:25
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    January 7, 2014 1:11 PM EST

    Dear Sir/Ma

    I write to introduce our financial services to you. I am a direct mandate to a Financial Institution who is also known as private lender specialized in the Lease and Sales of Bank / Financial Instruments in the form of Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Documentary Letter of Credit (DLC), Letter of Credit (LC), Performance Bonds (PB), Medium Term Notes (MTN) et al with funds is purely earned from private and corporate investment portfolios without criminal origin.

    We offer these from a genuine and certifiable finance company as the provider hence we are able finance your signatory projects and help you enhance your business plan. Furthermore, our financial instrument can be used for the purchase of goods from any manufacturer irrespective of their location. It can also serve as collateral with any bank in the world to secure loans for your project or to activate credit line to finance your business plan.

    Our financial instrument can be invested into High Yield Investment Trading Program {HYITP) or Private Placement Program (PPP). All bank instruments are for lease and/or sale from a genuine and reliable source without broker chain / joker broker story or chauffer driven offer while having your required time frame in mind.

    We specialized in Bank Guarantee {BG}, Standby Letter of Credit {SBLC}, Medium Term Notes {MTN}, Confirmable Bank Draft {CBD} as well as other financial instruments issued from AAA Rated bank such as HSBC Bank Hong Kong, HSBC Bank London, Deutsche Bank AG Frankfurt, Barclays Bank , Standard Chartered Bank and others on lease at the lowest available rates depending on the face value of the instrument needed.

    We will be glad to share our working procedures with you upon request to help us proceed towards closing deals effectively.

    Thank You

    Contact : Mr. Mahendra Jain
    Email :
    Skype ID: Jaindra.bglease