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Mobile Websites

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    June 11, 2013 10:26 AM EDT

    Yes, get a mobile version. If it's not too important for you now, eventually it will be for most business types. 

    I'm not sure what platform you use for your website design, but if it's Wordpress or Joomla you can use what is called a Responsive Theme. This would entail redesigning your site, but it will automatically fit all devices including computer, tablets and smart phones.

    If you don't, you'll probably just have to find a designer (you can try Odesk) to add a mobile version of your site that will fit your current framework. I can lend you my guy if you want. He's pretty reasonably priced.



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    June 11, 2013 8:26 AM EDT

    I have been reading up on the need for a mobile website, and the argument for it seems pretty convincing. I consistently see an increase in mobile traffic in Analytics. 

    My question is: does anyone have any experience with this Mobile First web design philosophy? I don't know if I'm the perfect example of a company that needs to base a web presence primarily off of mobile; however, it's an interesting idea.