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Contractor w/new biz competing vs main customer

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    June 12, 2013 2:25 PM EDT

    I am an independent contractor for a website.

    The job takes a few hours a week.

    I am also creating my own site in the same niche. I never work on this project during my billable hours for the other company. I am not utilizing their trade secrets and we do not have a non-compete contract.

    I could grow my site faster by networking, finding partners, investors, etc. I expect reaching out will compromise my current arrangement.

    On the other hand, social is such a big part of this niche that with the right connections, we could make our name quickly. In the meantime, I'm not able to fully manifest my vision and have to settle for making progress where it's within my reach.

    Current customer is very well connected in industry. I am essentially totally unknown. I believe this could mean that me reaching out would come back to him, that he'd find out I'm doing this behind his back. Is there any way to make this more amicable when we do part ways?


    I need to figure out how to network and bring in more talent, without just quitting and moving into the other project before its revenue can support me.