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  • Dear Darren,
    My name is Dhanushka and the owner of Inmarc Advertising ( currently operating in Sri Lanka and providing designing and web development for number of companies locally.
    Currently Im looking at diversifying the business and venturing into BPO operations. Do write back so I can discuss details with you and if youll are interested, so we can look at an operation running locally for you guys.
    Hoping for a favorable response from your end!...  more
  • Dear all,
    This is Yousef Almehrzi, an individual entrepreneur, who will be opening an e-commerce online marketplace very soon.
    As an online marketplace, I will have multiple sellers from both individual social media sellers as well as retailers. Currently I am working on the logistics. So, I would like to offer all joining sellers a unique service by integrating with multiple high class international shipping gateways.
    I am only offering the sellers a platform (website and mobile application) and the interaction will be direct between all sellers on my website with the shipping gateway. Therefore, I would need an API that support multi-stores (multi sellers concept) where if a customer buys any product from my website, a notification will be sent to the shipping gateway and the seller as well as the customer highlighting that there is a shipment from seller called "X" using "MyOnlineMarketplace" to customer"Y". Then, the shipping company will contact the sell...  ...  more
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  • Hi,
    If you have a bad credit score, The bank will not qualify yo...  more