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  • Have to agree with social media being the way forward.
    It's also...  more
  • Hey there,
    we're a small startup company from Germany and we wan't to ship our product (an organic Soylent alternate) to the USA.
    For that, we will need a FDA US Agent.
    What is the job?...  more
  • I have a beta app that needs users to provide the ideal user exp...  more
  • DZL chain grate boiler steam boilers with solid fuel adopts compact structure and it also has advantages: simple installation, low initial investment, safe and reliable operation, energy conservation, environmental protection, and low water quality requirement.
    DZL chain grate boiler steam boilers with solid fuel Structure:
    DZL series packaged chain grate boiler with combustion equipment was chain grate. Main engine is single drum longitudinal arrangement and inside of drum is a single-pass thread smoke tube. The left and right sides of the hearth is equipped with bare water wall tube, part of riser pipe forms the furnace top, and refractory brick Hanging at the bottom of the drum doesn't accept high temperature flame radiation. Drum on both sides of the lower part has two symmetrical convective pass, and water wall cured tube is assembled at 750 mm from the center line of the drum, so as to avoid tearing weld joint.
    DZL chain grate boiler steam boilers with solid fuel is small size but output is big. And pressu...  ...  more