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  • Hey everyone,
    My name is Luis Pereira and I’m part of the team behind UP Rest, a platform made to reduce the time-to-market of opening restaurants.
    This would be made by having partnerships with decor, equipment and employment organizations, and by leveraging the experience on the business to offer consulting services, in business and legal procedures.
    We would thank you if you could comment on our idea, criticizing and giving advices based on your experience/opinion.
    Y...  more
  • Thanks, I did some SEO work for my site, and it is progressing quite well.
  • I'm new here and i'm looking forward to learn a lot from this community.
  • Ryan, hope everything is great...
    I'm looking for web support, I...  more
  • Contact
    Investment Executive
    Fayez Bin Fahad Group
    FBFN Building, Road 1301, Building 20,...  more