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  • Hello Hady,
    It is important to consider in this case how big of a role will the office have on your business.
    First of all, do you intend to have customers/associates over?
    Have you considered your additional costs, electricity, water, stationary, what if something breaks and you need to replace it?...  more
  • 2 hours ago
    By sales, do you mean that you want to be better at sales pitches and presentations?
    If that's it, there is no easy way to do that, reading will give you a bit of information, but keep in mind that selling is different to every person/country/industry.
    What you can do is read about it and watch some videos of public speakers and presenters. Try to look at the way they talk, the way they walk around.
    Being good at sales is no easy task, but as most things it gets better with practice. ...  more