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  • Hello,
    My name is Frederico, I'm Portuguese and I'm founder of two IT projects on a global scale, kaepsi (A social network that connects people and experts) and phamma (A global marketplace of opportunities).
    Right now we are looking for investors. We are willing to share the introduction of our current products, business plan and relevant information.
    We await answers, thank you for your time and for your availability....  more
  • Hey everyone,
    I had a few questions about businesses that are mainlly focused on revenue generated from an app.
    First, for the intial startup phase, should the app be registered as a business with the government? Do I have to pay the normal fees and fill out paperwork like a normal business would? Or can I simply start making the app publish it, and collect the revenue from it? At what stage do I need to register it as a business?
    Also, If anyone has any experience with app creation, what are the costs usually to host servers for an app? I plan to have the users of the app generate their own content and I'm assuming that content has to be hosted somewhere so where are some places I can go to in order to get an idea of a cost? ...  more
  • Great topic!