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  • Dear all,
    This is Yousef Almehrzi, an individual entrepreneur, who will be opening an e-commerce online marketplace very soon.
    As an online marketplace, I will have multiple sellers from both individual social media sellers as well as retailers. Currently I am working on the logistics. So, I would like to offer all joining sellers a unique service by integrating with multiple high class international shipping gateways.
    I am only offering the sellers a platform (website and mobile application) and the interaction will be direct between all sellers on my website with the shipping gateway. Therefore, I would need an API that support multi-stores (multi sellers concept) where if a customer buys any product from my website, a notification will be sent to the shipping gateway and the seller as well as the customer highlighting that there is a shipment from seller called "X" using "MyOnlineMarketplace" to customer"Y". Then, the shipping company will contact the sell...  ...  more
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  • Hi Everyone,
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