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  • Craigslist has become so dangerous some police departments are now advising customers to meet at their police stations to avoid being murdered, harmed or victimized. From a public relations / community relations standpoint, this is a “ death label” for any company. Craigslist user numbers have now dropped by over 50% ( from 60 million to about 29 million ) because of this cesspool of crime. This has created a massive marketplace of former Craigslist customers who have no classified site that meets their standards. Also, the majority of the remaining Craigslist users have zero loyalty to the site and would quickly utilize a different site that was safe and trustworthy.
    We have developed a secret weapon Craigslist can’t compete with to accommodate these massive marketplaces, REAL SAFETY; and we have placed that safety on a new classified site called SafeList.
    Here is how SafeList works:
    SafeList customers have a special email account called SafeMail ( instead of using gmail, aol mail, yahoo mail, etc. as peop...  ...  more