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  • The secret to increasing your leads and sales is Live Chat! The secret to making sure your customers get the right support is HiredSupport! HiredSupport is an outsourcing firm who can handle your customer support / live chat 24x7, but first let's talk about why Live chat matters in the customer support department of a business!
    What is outsourcing your support or employees mean? Why should I care? Outsourcing is the process of hiring non in-house employees, often remotely, to perform said job of an actual in-house employees. Our employees are 1/4 of what you would pay a minimum wage worker in most states in the USA. They are also very efficient and can perform many tasks and support, but I want to focus on Live Chat and why it matters.
    Do you receive traffic on your website but sometimes fail to turn a customer into a sale or a lead? Or does your existing website do good but you think you can do better or want to know ways you can do better sales/leads? Well, the answer is very simple if you are not already doin...  ...  more
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  • There is a two type of Rank
    1.Alexa Rank
    2.Page Rank