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  • Ambit Energy hit 2 billion in revenue this year and to reward its consultants is running a special 2 week promotion where the $429 dollar franchise fee is waived. From this you have unlimited residual income potential, potential for free gas and electric for life, and helping people save money on a bill they already budget for and have to pay. Basically you get a whole business start-up without the cost. I assess everything in business as risk and reward and at this point in time their really is no risk. Aside from all the money to be made, just free utilities alone could save you a couple hundred dollars a month, for someone like me, in my 20's, over the course of the next 50 years. I will save over $100,000 dollars just in this aspect alone. This is the best opportunity I have ever been given and I love spreading the word and seeing the affect Ambit has on families and individuals who work the system and see the results that are produced. I'm proud to be associated with this company. This is a very viable real...  ...  more
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  • I would advise going with N.1
    Entrepreneurs are busy people, so ...  more
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