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  • Hi,
    We are a start up just building our website and are considering whether to focus on a niche market or to sell to the broader market.
    Does anybody have any experience of being in a similar dilemma and what was the outcome of your decision?
    Did you decide to target a specific niche? ...  more
  • Hi,
    We are a registered company in USA and back office is operated in Asia. We are a team of highly experienced Mobile Apps developers having developed more than 100 Apps as of now.
    We are searching for a Partner company or business developer/marketer for Mobile Apps development from USA. Since we are already an established company, there is no need of further investment from anyone who will be interested in working with us.
    And also we do have very strong team for Website and Wordpress development. ...  more
  • Hey, I have sent an email to the given id.
  • Email me at
  • I understand that you are looking for a company that can help yo...  more