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  • So I've just recently finished doing customer development for my startup and I'm currently in the process of putting together the MVP. Customer development was a lot more work than I thought it would be, but it was also much more valuable than I thought it would be as well. In essence, I learned a lot and I'm super glad I did.
    If there is anyone wondering what Customer Development is, then I would highly recommend reading Giff Constable's book "Talking to Humans." It's brief, gets the point accross and can be read for free here:
    For you Customer Developoment gurus out there, what resources/methods do you use to make the process as painless and effective as possible?
    The tools I used were:...  more
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  • Good post, thanks.
    Your points:
    1. Show them value
    2. Start a conversation...  more
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