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  • This seems cool. If it were a geo-localized app which allowed me...  more
  • Hello,
    2 sources for you to consider:
    1.) An interesting 'Integrated Product Design' lecture by Dror Benshetrit (video:, Dror makes a unique claim of the benefit of being a generalist in a specialist's market. At the end of his lecture during the Q&A he compares niche marketing to broader marketing by building a skyscraper versus a shopping mall:
    If you market to a specific niche (skyscraper) people will be able to see you much more quickly as you develop a reputation for yourself, whereas going broad will cover more ground, but will take a lot longer for people to notice who you are and what precisely you do....  more
  • Hello,
    I've interviewed several social media professionals from advertising agencies, and here is some advice they gave me:
    1.) All media (not just what you publish on your website) should be considered as your brand content.
    2.) First research to find where your potential consumers are most active, then go to that social media platform....  more
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    Here is a great article I've come across recently and wanted to ...  more
  • Here are some tips regarding social media marketing:
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