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  • These days smart devices play a very prominent role in every day...  more
  • We at SALE POINT DATA, LLC, developers and marketers of internet-based, full-service Point Of Sale software, are currently on the
    look-out for a few smart Early Adopters who are eager to be the first one's in on a new & innovative Point of Sale System called Distributed Sale Point.
    What makes Distributed Sale Point so special?
    - The end-user can use their own computer....  more
  • I am Mr. John Sagora, an angel investor that want to invest funds into a profitable business venture.
    Should you be interested to partake in this joint-venture, do provide me with the following details;
    1. Your Full Name
    2. Possible areas of Investment...  more
  • Totally agree! Of course, it depends on the type of business, bu...  more
  • I am seeking an investor to help with start up costs towards 2 new business venture's I am looking to undertake in the North Devon area.
    I have previous experience running a successful business but I do not have the resources to found or fund an undertaking on the scale intended.
    The investment needed is 1) £75,000. and 2) £51,000
    In return for start-up investment I am prepared to share;
    ...  more