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  • Hi Stormchild! I appreciate your "hello!"
  • Since nobody does I'm gonna say hello :) I just signed up as well!
  • Hey everyone,
    I'm John and I'm working on my own event managemen...  more
  • Hello Everyone,
    Here is some insight on what is going on in my business life.
    I live and work out of Los Angeles, and about 15 years ago my family was issued multiple patents.
    Representing 49 countries in 21 currencies and exclusivity rights in the U.S. market, our points-to-cash engine conversion system, allows members to earn points, and then convert them to cash, instantly, in real time, and its tax free! Our loyalty program also allows your company to write off the points under your marketing budget. We are the only company in the world who offers this technology. Every program is customized and intergraded with that company’s checkout process. Most other programs like offering gift cards, vacations and items of tangible value will not allow this type of tax benefit.
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