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  • Does anybody can recommend me a free program for sending e-mails...  more
  • Hi,
    I am looking for someone who is willing to invest in my new software tool.
    I need 30.000 USD in return 30% equity.
    I have already build a niche tool that has top rankings in google....  more
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  • If you are a small business your money is better spent anywhere else. I have been working media relations for a decade. Back in the day press release distribution services were a valuable tool in getting your information to key journalists quickly and easily across the country. Today we have the internet and the role of these services has changed. Still quickly and easily distributes your release but 9 times out of 10 they don't end up in a journalist's hands and they don't get turned into articles which your customers will then read.
    What happens to them? They get auto posted in the deep dark corners of legitimate news sights like MSNCB or YahooNews in their "press release section" if you ever go to the normal main pages of these sites and try to find any of the wire content which you can find when you do a regular google, you will not be able to. THe reason you can get to these through the normal channels is that all those releases are used solely for SEO purposes. The other sites your release will e...  ...  more