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  • Hello Startup Nation Members,
    I have a somewhat unique website idea. I have the following;
    Domain Name
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  • Interesting resource :)
  • My name is Arash Behravesh and I am a partner at Harvest IP Law, LLP (, an intellectual property law firm in Washington D.C. Many start-ups have ask me how they can reduce their intellectual property costs and also the difference between filing a provisional patent application and a utility patent application.
    Before getting into this subject matter, please note of the following: The opinions expressed in this publication are for the purpose of fostering productive discussions of intellectual property issues and do not constitute the rendering of legal counseling, opinion, or other professional services. No attorney-client relationship is created, nor is there any offer to provide legal services, by the publication and distribution of this advisory. This publication is designed to provide reasonably accurate and authoritative information about the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal, counseling, accounting or ot...  ...  more
  • Hey guys! I would truly appreciate if you guys could check out G...  more
  • Hey! I'm new to this but I would really appreciate it if you guy...  more