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    This is the best opportunity I have been given, so I want to share this with everyone while the franchise fee is waived for the next 2 weeks, no risk, all reward. We hit 2 billion in revenue in 2014. Go to the link above or below, the opportunity speaks for itself. I love this business. I would be happy to answer any questions or discuss getting you started.
    Thank you for your interest.
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    Best opportunity I have ever been given, ...  more
  • Hi,
    A little background about me: I am a serial entrepreneur who has co-founded two small companies in the past. I came on bored with these companies as the business lead and Security consultant. Now that I have left both companies to pursue my own projects I am looking for developers to help me. My technical background is in Desktop Development (C,C#,C++), Linux Kernel development (mostly security stuff), cryptography, and some basic web design (WordPress).
    I have some ideas I am working on and would like to see take off, but I don't have any experience with Mobile development or enough experience with Web Development to get them done.
    The web idea is an eLearning platform. Something I have been doing for a few years as a side business and would like to take it world wide if possible. There is a huge market here that no one has tapped into yet. ...  more
  • Support the new startup project - Time.GO - app for iPhone!
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  • Hi all,
    As the new year has already began to speed by, we feel that this article may be a timely reminder to show a little caution for what’s ahead, while keeping an eye out for great opportunity.
    It’s a composite of the feedback and issues facing many of the small to medium business owners we work with - We hope you thank them for their feedback as we did!
    Whilst the Swiss crisis looks both scary and market changing, Road2Sale is told that greater impact may come from the massive shift to mobile payments and significant changes in resourcing within the recruitment industry.
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