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  • Hi,
    Myself and my business partners are currently working on a company called inteBase. This is soon to be a brand new unique social media platform – please email or call for details, I can not give out information on public webspace. We are however expecting this to grow over the next 5 years to become a platform on the same level as facebook, twitter, snapchat etc.
    We have a lot of the ground work covered from the business side, including the logistics of how we will attract users, bring the product to the market and monetise the project. We have come up with a new way to push target marketing to a whole new level, which will mean an almost unbeatable product.
    What we need now is some technical input from an additional partner, making a total of 4. I myself have a computer science degree, another founder has already ran a successful marketing company and our final partner has 9 years experience in development and has a computer science degree also. Therefore we know how to build this and also how to bring it ...  ...  more