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  • Hi
    I'm KC Mussman, CEO of Nocturnal Designz
    We are a manufacturing designery for SFX make-up, Props and Accessories for Film/TV, Fashion, Halloween Industry, Cosplay and everyone who loves getting into character or just having fun.
    I have many years of experience in my field and finally started my start-up adventure- and its been amazing (and of course a bit difficult) but I couldn't be happier....  more
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  • When it comes to advertising and promotional plans, try to hire ...  more
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  • Hi,
    I am trying to get my thinking cap on here and figure out how to do this.
    I am a dreamer who has a high passion for creating various retail ideas. What I want to do is create a holding company and then put various corporations and llc's into it. This scares me because this sounds very expensive to try to do.
    The problem here is that my ideas are complex and all the entities are going to feed off each other and help fuel each other but they need to remain separate for management purposes and some have a different financial model to follow and some have the same. ...  more