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  • Hello
    I started a Personal Training business and where I live (Los Angeles)there is a lot of competition.
    Right now I am struggling to get one client and seemed to have tried everything, facebook ads, adwords, craigslist ads, talking to peope around the area I plan to train my clients, postcards etc, and nothing seems to work.
    I have thought about hireing a marketer but due to the fact I am on a very tight budget I am asking you guys with a little more experience how much help would a proffessonal marketer be for me? For example I feel I am a very good trainer but at the end of the day people can find great training and nutriton programs online for free and. Will hiring a marketer offer that great of a benefit or will it simply be a case of me paying them then they tell me to put up a few more flyers and a few more craigslist posts everyday and other things I could learn from reading a few marketing articles....  more
  • You missed explain you have skills and knowledge.
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