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  • At the Studio 6 Extended Stay on Interstate 85, the inspector said, "10 days to correct violations if not I will shut down elevator.” Channel 9 contacted the hotel, but have yet to hear back.Eyewitness News has also obtained this list of elevators that had been shut down by the state, including an elevator at 129 West Trade.Channel 9 took cameras undercover to see if they were still operating. There were five in the <a href="">Passenger Elevator</a><br/><br/>.
    Three were operating, all with current certificates from the state.None with reported issues.With so many elevators in Mecklenburg County having problems, Channel 9 asked the State Inspector if they were safe, especially if some have nearly a dozen violations."When you get that high it's time to be looking at does the elevator still need to operate," said State Deputy Bureau Chief Tommy Petty.
    Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and most of that growth is up. T...  ...  more
  • Valve seat have a 99 Ford ****** and momentarily heard a loud lifter on start up, but as soon as the oil made it to the top of the engine it quieted down and I didn't think anything of it. Just yesterday I started it and after it idled awhile I heard it again. Again only momentarily. I put a screwdriver up to the valve cover and heard the lifter tapping louder on #4.
    I have shut it off and parked it until I can decide what to do. A friend of mine that owns a machine shop offered to take the head off and regrind the valves. He sort of thought I was nuts when I told him I thought it needed new valve seats if I haven't already caused a lot of damage. Either way, I'll have to pull the head and see what's going one. If I replace the valve seats where do I get them and how do I find a good brand that won't flake away again?
    I also have to drive it 40 miles to get it to the machine shop so I can pull the head and have it machined. Gosh, I am so amazed that it's such a major problem with these engines. It's a great li...  ...  more
  • Hello all, I am trying to start furniture business on my local a...  more
  • Honestly, building traffic is tough. You need to get your hands dirty and make use of every single opportunity. There are plenty of them out there.
    What is a straightforward yet effective way to build traffic is to have a plan and stick to it.
    First perform a deep research on strategies and techniques for getting traffic. Google "how to get traffic". You'll expectedly have millions of results. Then go and study them. Allocate enough time to this part as it is fundamental to your success.
    As soon as your research is done create an action list and complete it. Do not tweak your analytics for a while, although it is important for analysis this is still a big distraction. Go back to your analytics after the last action in your list is completed....  more
  • Nice website. I liked it. Do you have a blog though? Is your new...  more