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  • I used to work for one of the Big Four consulting companies. Mostly working as an external consultant with corporate clients. Names range from well-known international giants like Siemens and Nestle to less known local mid-size companies. In consulting you learn very fast how to manage your time, work effectively and of course provide value. Clients are paying big buck per hour. Of course it goes to my employer, not to me. But that's besides the point today. The point is that when working in consulting you are always on the run from one project to another. You are a highly-valued professional who delivers high-quality results in the shortest period of time.
    Then my circumstances changed. Eldest kid went to school. I wanted to spend more time with kids at home. Wife was pregnant again. So I decided to cut off travel. I switched jobs and went to client side cushy job - well-paid, no travel, 8 - 4:30 (yes 4:30!) not too many tasks, no deadlines, no real deliverables. At first I was bored. Knowing what I can do and ...  ...  more
  • We specialize in funding for start up companies. If you are struggling working with local banks please reach out. Last month we raised over 8 million for new companies.

    Dan Bernier- Senior Funding Specialist | Finance Store
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  • Hey, we have have been collabrating with Redwerk (software devel...  more