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  • I have an unprecedented idea for a niche classifieds/social media website that I know can help hundreds of thousands of Employers and Employees. I have a great brand name and logo and the site is about 50% built. Unfortunately, I have no clue how to build a website...
    I have used a local programmer that fell short of my expectations then I started using and have gotten some work done through freelancers. I'm running super low on funds to complete the site. I have spent about $1200 on the project thus far and thought it would be 100% completed by now.
    What I currently have is a nicely designed site that doesn't function as a cohesive unit. The Members, Jobs, Events, Forums, and Calendar are not integrated properly. I'm using Wordpress with BuddyPress, Classifieds, and Forums plug ins. The template is called SweetDate, a dating template that actually works with what I'm trying to do.
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