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  • Hey everyone,
    Stumbled upon this looking for details for a website that i am helping developing.
    I must say i agree to what most of have said about having music on the site. Too tacky. I think the only one i came across in 2015 was this Italian restaurant's website. Flamboyant owner, what you gonna do. he he
    The site we are developing however, is going to have a wide collection of classic and current Reggae music (streaming only, no downloads). Even though we are treading very carefully in terms of copyrights, release forms etc. as we would not want to repeat a Grooveshark, i was wondering if i can solicit some tips about what are the extra measures of care that can be taken... will help us think in a direction we might have skipped....  more
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    frankfergar Hello
    My name is Frank and I introduce myself as the manager of a positioning and web content management. For any questions of marketing, social media, SEO, available.
    posicionamiento seo,on page seo,posicionamiento web
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    CurbPaintingcom Free manual & flyers!  Best Home Business 2012 Report Shoestring Publishing
    Curb Address Painting Business Opps + Kits – exp since 1986
    • July 25
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  • Sbravada1
    Sbravada1 Looking for a Investor to finance the construction of a new High End Coffee Lounge / Cafe. No upfront or  out of pocket fees.  Required amount is $800,000 - 1Mil depending on total costs.
    • July 23
  • solutions1000
    solutions1000 Does anyone out there own or manage a direct sales D2D organization?
    • July 23
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    bestwrinkletreatment Benefits of Best Wrinkle Treatment:

    1. Visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
    2. Erase the appearance of dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. ...  more
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