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  • Hey everyone,
    Before I write a single line of code, I want to validate my concept by allowing my target audience to download a pdf.
    The pdf report will come with a spreadsheet that my audience will use on a weekly basis. My target audience are people in account payable, accounting, and other invoice related services. My target market are companies who ship parcel packages (UPS, FedEx, DHL, USPS).
    Back to my question:...  more
  • My name is Beau Babbs and I write business plans with complete f...  more
  • I'm not aware of any Quickbooks Online add-ons that would provid...  more
  • I'd love to get your opinions on this. You've probably been ther...  more
  • I get to see my kid always and manage my own time too

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    CEOLifeCoach CEO Thoughts: What's the long do I have to rehash those same old issues?
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    imview imView

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    sportsinjurycenters Chiropractic & Sports Injury Centers in Chicago, IL

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    shinds725 I don't see a lot of conversing in this forum. How is everyone?
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    smartfinds Matthew Oztalay is a presenter at the IDGA in Austin, TX on August 21st discussing game developers needing to find joy in their work otherwise their work is limited to fulfilling an obligation, rather than the opportunity to create joy for others.
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    anup Hi
      we are small website development company based in India we are looking to start business in US with partnership. 
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    PrivateInvestor Hello to the Startup Nation Community!!  I was wondering if there are any tax lien/deed investors in this community of entrepreneurs?
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