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  • As defined by the great author Napoleon Hill of “Think and Grow Rich,” Master-Mind is “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” Simply put, like minded individuals coming together for success! Apply mastermind from this collaborative perspective, you'll achieve much success in your business:
    M astery of Skills- Sharpening already proven skill levels.
    A ccountability- Owning up to goals we have committed to.
    S haring- Collaboratively sharing experiences, thoughts and ideas.
    T eamwo...  more
  • Hello, lancer015! Thanks for the welcome :)
  • I am interested in developing a similar item to one I found onli...  more
  • Hi
    I'm KC Mussman, CEO of Nocturnal Designz
    We are a manufacturing designery for SFX make-up, Props and Accessories for Film/TV, Fashion, Halloween Industry, Cosplay and everyone who loves getting into character or just having fun.
    I have many years of experience in my field and finally started my start-up adventure- and its been amazing (and of course a bit difficult) but I couldn't be happier....  more
  • Have you tried tv commercial or radio ads. They are actually bes...  more

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    InkableLabelCoFree Print and Prepress Advice: Printing beautiful foil labels for a customer :) Did you know that you can achieve the same look at a much more reasonable price as an alternative to foil stamping for your labels? 

    INKABLE LABEL CO TIP: If you'd like to upgrade your labels to make them...  more
    An alternative to pricier foil-stamped labels? Foil labels with negative print :) | Welcome to Inkable Label Co.! | Pinterest
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    _thejcGeneralFrankGrass: Well, this is something unusual. My first connection with a General Officer   :o)
    Hello General Grass,
    Are you building a presence on the WorldWideWeb?
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    SuttonLocalCleaners Professional carpet cleaning services in Sutton at reasonable prices:
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