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Simple Goals: Employee Buyout turns into a $50 million Business - Business Goal Setting Series

When Andrew Baca was named 2006 Minority Male Entrepreneur of the Year by the U.S. Department of Commerce,…

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How Much Stake Do You Feed An Angel (Investor)?

You know your startup will need outside financing - an angel on your shoulder who blesses you with…

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Looking for Financial Backing? Be Prepared

Buddy, can you spare 10 grand? Or $20,000. Or $2 million? Of course, the answer to that kind…

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Creative Business Financing Options: 401(k) Accounts

Of all the ways you can bootstrap your startup business into existence, the very last one you should…

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Creative Business Financing Options: Customer Financing

Of all the ways to bootstrap your new business, getting a customer to help finance your startup might…

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Profitability Measurement for a New Business

Is fear of how you’re going to make ends meet until your new business starts turning a profit…

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Creative Business Financing Options: Self-Funding

Self-reliance is one of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs, and that characteristic extends to business startup…

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Estimating Startup Costs

Estimating Startup Costs for a New Business

Confounded over how much money you'll require for your startup business? Well, don't fret. There's an easy approach…

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Creative Business Financing Options: Friends and Family

Blood can be thicker than water in your search for startup capital funding. Family and friends can be…

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Creative Business Financing Options: Credit Cards

The history of startup businesses includes many business legends that got started by leveraging credit cards as a…

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Alternative Business Financing Solutions: Dispelling the Myths about Factoring

By Frank M. Hennessey, chairman & CEO, Hennessey Capital Many professional advisors and consultants - including CPAs and…

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Small Business Credit and Financing : Seed Capital

Most of us would love to start and run a business -- if someone could promise us that…

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Startup Costs

Business Startup Costs: Write Off!

One of the basic financial principles of being in business today: your revenues can be offset against your…

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Business Grants

Small Business Grants: Small Business Start Up Capital

Grants for Small Startup Businesses   Where can I find grants to start a business? Would-be entrepreneurs often…

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3 Criteria for Starting a Business from Norm Brodsky

It’s not always easy figuring out what kind of business to start up, especially if you hear all…

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