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Publicity Success in 3 Steps

Simple actions can lead to big results. How is your year going so far? If your business could use more sales, it’s time to take action. Why not use publicity to get some free attention and help boost credibility for your business? Here are 3 simple things you can do now to start generating press: [...]

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Strategic Planning –A Crucial Component of Business Planning

Companies often have trouble maintaining growth, even in favorable economic conditions. The modern business landscape is ever changing:  The information highway remains supercharged; technology continues to develop at warp speed; distribution channels change unexpectedly; and new competitors spring into action every day. In today’s complex business environment, strategic thinking is essential for sustaining a long-term [...]

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sales figures

How’s That New Year’s Resolution Going?

Work on business goals instead If you go to the gym, you may have noticed that there are less people there than the first week of January, and classes have dwindled down to the “regulars” once again… it seems like many “fitness” resolutions fizzled out. Big surprise. This happens every year. What about you? Did [...]

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Children with lemonade stand

Lessons Learned from a Childhood Lemonade Stand

Small towns are inherently entrepreneurial. Family owned businesses support the local community rather than the typical big city retail chains. I grew up in a small rural community with approximately 2000 people at the time of my childhood. Large stores and restaurants simply did not exist. The closest grocery store was approximately 40 minutes away. [...]

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3 Quick Content Tips to Boost Sales this Year

Want to start 2014 with some great content for your customers? It’s the beginning of 2014, and that means potential customers are looking for new content and information to help them reach new goals. What kind of content are you providing? By offering valuable information your target, audience members can actually use, you’ll earn credibility [...]

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