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Lori Williams climbing in Yosemite.

What is the Definition of Success and Failure?

It has been over two decades since I started my first company at age 25. My early years in business were emotionally draining. I wrestled with every decision, second guessing whether it was the right move. I had personified my company; if the business failed then I was a failure. Unfortunately, I was more motivated [...]

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Are Your Press Quotes Newsworthy?

Yeah. Yeah. We know you’re “excited” about the news! You’ve all seen this before… “We are thrilled to have…” “We are so excited to be working with…” Guess what? I have a little secret for you – we already know you are excited and thrilled with the news. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be distributing a press [...]

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Employees are your Best Messenger

In larger companies new employees receive a welcome packet upon hiring. In addition to the standard employee HR forms there is usually documentation detailing the history of the company. More importantly, there is often a description of the products and services. Through this documentation new employees learn how to communicate information about the company. The [...]

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Use the Right Words to Write

Stop Fighting Over Marketing Content Have you ever had a disagreement with a boss, client or co-worker over the use of certain words in a PPC campaign, SEO press release, e-mail, newsletter, Web site page, or other, marketing piece? If you are trying to get the most out of your marketing, SEO and PR campaigns, [...]

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Lori Williams

A Rock Climbers View of Business Risk

As a business consultant I am painfully aware of the inherent risk in starting/growing a company. I work with entrepreneurs from cradle to grave; of course hoping the grave refers to a planned sale or merger. However, this week the grave that occurred was undesired. After 26 years in business my long-term client was forced [...]

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Get small business public relations tips from Melanie Rembrandt of Rembrandt Communications here.

Get the Most Out of Your PR Pro

Create a PR relationship that works! If you just hired a publicist to handle your media-relations efforts, you may be a little nervous about the expense and getting the press exposure you desire. However, you made the right move. Now that you have a professional handling your PR, you can focus on core, business activities. [...]

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