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A Successful Entrepreneur Gives 5 Rules for Bootstrapping

Alykhan Karim is the founder and CEO of Sonoma, which offers access to premium wines in Brazil.  We asked him to go over the process he took to make Sonoma successful and to share his secrets to bootstrapping.  Even though he is in Brazil, his insights are universal. Please briefly describe Sonoma and what market [...]

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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

[803 words | 2.5 minute read] The lights are on.  The cameras are rolling and the new and improved StartupNation is in action delivering on its mission to make a profound and lasting difference for entrepreneurial America.  What’s new and improved and how are we going to make such an impact for people, you may [...]

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5 Tips for Growing Your Business Online

[1165 words | 4 minute read] Growing your business online and getting noticed can feel a lot like being at your first high school dance before you hit your growth spurt. All the guys are bigger than you and push you out into the hallway where you sulk because you just want to show off [...]

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How To Say “Give Me Money”

When I first started Generation Citizen, as a senior at Brown, my primary concern with making it a full-fledged non-profit was fundraising- I had no idea how to do it, and the concept seemed terrifying to me

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Tesla, The Failure

[860 words | 2.5 minute read] The first time I heard about Tesla in any context was when I heard a guy on the street say, “Whoa look at that dope ride, is it a Tesla?” and I thought, god, what a cool name for a car. The second time Tesla made his way into [...]

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Does Your Business Have Personality?

[606 words | 2 minute read] When you think of some of the best brands and companies in the world, they often stimulate an instantaneous flow of images and possibly emotions – their brand identities.   Virgin Airlines, along with its charismatic founder Richard Branson, denotes a company committed to top-notch service, fun and an irreverent [...]

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