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What Do Women Think Of Your Mobile Ads?

Finding the perfect formula for mobile ad delivery to women is challenging, according to a survey by IAB and Meredith’s MXM agency of 100 women who shared screen shots of the mobile ads they were seeing. Many respondents said ads get in the way of the quick mobile tasks they want to perform, but the women did have a positive response to ads that had specific relevance to them in real time.

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Startup Funding – A Closer Look at the Key Options

Gaining access to initial funding and maintaining a workable cash flow situation are two of the biggest challenges that newly established and fledgling businesses face. There are of course no guarantees of sustainable success even when a new company is able to generate investor interest and raise the cash they need to get started.

Here we’ll take a look at some of the pros and cons of three key types of funding for startups and then outline new ways in which small firms are accessing cash to keep their companies in business.

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Social Media Marketing

Dining Customers Delivered

New dining customers are delivered in a host of ways in our digital age, but despite all the noise about foodie websites and mobile apps, traditional direct marketing still delivers a great result for restaurants. Before consumers decide where to dine next weekend, which of the following do you suppose they are most likely to do?

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Tools for grow your business

Top Twelve Terrific Tools to Build Your Business Faster

It’s hard to remember how we all survived without using apps! At StartupNation, we use a variety of apps that help us manage our website and companies more efficiently and profitably. We polled the StartupNation team members, and here’s a list of our Top 12 Best Business Apps. Feel free to share with us your [...]

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How to Use Mind Maps to Grow Your Ideas & Your Business

A great productivity strategy for any type of planning, project or problem solving is by using a mind mapping tool. It allows you to process your ideas, thoughts and information by starting with a basic concept or topic, and then mapping your thoughts and ideas in a free flowing pattern that mimics how the brain [...]

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Business Apps

When Free Business Tools Are a Bad Idea

From blog platforms to email marketing services and conference call lines, plenty of free business tools are available that can help entrepreneurs launch their companies while saving money. But do free tools undermine your professional reputation? “There’s a common saying in the world of Internet companies: If you are not paying for the product, then [...]

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How to Be a Reporters Favorite News Source

As a writer for StartupNation as well as Fast Company and Entrepreneur, I get a lot of emails and press releases from small-business owners and publicists hoping to get some press. Some are great but unfortunately most are not, and my delete key often gets a workout as I review my inbox. Then there are [...]

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Start An Ecommerce Business

Starting An Ecommerce Business Without Spending Any Money

When most people think about starting an ecommerce business, they have a vision of selling some amazing product that will enable them the freedom to work on something they truly enjoy. But despite early enthusiasm, sometimes they end up not taking action. So what happens to these people? They don’t have any idea of what [...]

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Duct Tape

How to Become a Duct Tape Salesperson

Starting a business takes a good idea and a passion to see it through, but it also takes the ability to sell. Whether you’re selling your product to a customer, your service to a corporation or your idea to an investor, an entrepreneur needs to be a sales superstar … except that many feel they are not.

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Exit Strategies

How a Flatbread Became a Flatout Success

Mike and Stacey Marsh met on the campus of Michigan State University during the ‘80s. Marketing majors and food lovers, the pair opened Y&S Deli in Ann Arbor, Mich. in 1990 a few years after graduation. An “upscale Subway,” the restaurant grew a large following due in part to the delicious wraps they served – [...]

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Business Mistakes

7 Mistakes To Avoid & Help Your Business Grow

Let’s face it: none of us are perfect. While we might have been smart enough to start a business, that doesn’t make us immune to making mistakes. But I always say, mistakes are in the eye of the beholder. You can hang your head in shame every time you make an error, or you can [...]

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Business Hero

5 Common Mistakes in Generating Leads

Lead generation starts with self-awareness: knowing what your company does best, and knowing which companies are the right fit for what you sell. There’s much to consider as you evaluate your sweet spot and determine which companies and players to pitch to. Make sure you do your homework and know your target organization’s structure and inner workings. Find the right internal partners with which to align yourself. Each new organization might call for a different pitching method. Once you figure that out, you can focus on building relationships, building trust, and eventually closing sales.

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How Getting Sued Helped HireAHelper Grow Its Business

It was 2008 and Mike Glanz, CEO and cofounder of HireAHelper, had just grabbed a quick lunch at the burger chain Carl’s Jr. The entrepreneur and recent college grad was busy growing a company that matched homeowners with moving companies when a man stopped him in the parking lot to deliver a package no business owner [...]

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facebook following growth

How Klooff Grew Its Facebook Following To 1.2M In 17 Days

Looking at cute animal photos on the Internet and Facebook isn’t just fun, it’s good for your health and can boost your productivity, studies say. For Alejandro Russo, it’s also good business. In July 2011, he launched Klooff, the first user-generated online pet channel, where animal lovers can upload and share their favorite pictures. “Consuming pet content [...]

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Clearing the Entrepreneurial Brain Fog

Starting a business is an exciting, yet overwhelming time for entrepreneurs. Our days our long, rivaled only by our ever-growing to-do-lists. One minute we’re accomplishing the impossible. The next, we’re feeling overwhelmed and unproductive. The inevitable entrepreneurial brain fog creeps in, clouding our ability to think, produce, or create. It this has recently happened to [...]

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