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Stacking the Odds: The Key to Startup Growth

Growth Hacking, a term I coined three years ago, is marketing’s latest buzzword. There are more than 1,000 job postings on Indeed for a growth hacker. While I’m excited that the term has resonated, I’m worried that collectively we’re busy looking for quick growth wins without really building sustainable, authentic growth. Growth hacks for the [...]

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Upgrade Your Digital Life

Sometimes inefficiency cannot be defeated. When the typewriter was first invented in the 1870’s, fast typing caused the keys to jam.  Thus, the layout of the keyboard was changed to spread out commonly used letters and letter pairs (like “sh”) to decrease the probability of a jam, which wasted time and hurt efficiency.  The layout [...]

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Entrepreneurship At the Border

It was 2010, already a year since I’d moved back from Shanghai and I still needed to find my calling. Knowing that I wanted to make it into the vast and highly potential, yet risky, India-China market, I threw in my chopsticks and decided to set up a consultancy – the one I always wanted [...]

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LoriWilliams after leading IllusionDweller

How to Fail

[1353 words | 6 minute read] It has been over two decades since I started my first company at age 25. My early years in business were emotionally draining. I wrestled with every decision, second guessing whether it was the right move. I had personified my company; if the business failed then I was a [...]

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