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Snoloha proves slackers can cash in too

For the typical business located in a fluorescently lit office building, being "slacker friendly" wouldn’t exactly be a welcomed accolade. But for home entrepreneur Rod Call, selected the winner of the Top Ten Most Slacker-Friendly category in the 2007 Home-Based 100, it’s a major bragging right.

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Tame Your Taxes

Plan, prepare, and be proactive. Like the other processes in financial planning, the more work that you do in advance with your accountant, the more it will help your business through "tax season" and the toll taxes have on your business.

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Choose Your Bank Wisely

One of the most important relationships you can have as a small business owner is the one you build with your bank. Choosing the optimal bank can save you from unnecessary fees, mismatched needs and services, and other financial headaches.

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