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Business Tax

Tax Implications of Worker Classification

“Worker classification continues to be a point of contention with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of Labor (DOL).” according to Plante Moran the nation’s 13th largest certified public accounting and business advisory firm in the United States. The use of independent contractors saves employers significant money on federal and state employment taxes and [...]

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The client-designer relationship

Allow your chosen designer to use their experiences, skills and whatever tools or materials needed to create an illustrative message for your marketing campaign or product. If done correctly, the design process will yield the best possible solution for the client’s problem.

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Publishing Content

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is not a trend, it’s a new way of digital life. From working remotely to increased collaboration and marketing to disaster recovery and business continuity and more cloud computing is secure and can reduce your bottom line. Don’t put it off any longer – look to the cloud and expand your business potential.

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3 Tips for Defining Business Problems

Every businessperson needs to master the ability to define problems, or challenges, but very few MBA programs, leadership development programs or management training programs teach this indispensable skill. Michael Cooper’s Problem Definition Filter can help you in 3 easy steps.

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Making Deals with Copyright Owners: How Tech Entrepreneurs Can Postpone Expensive Payments

While the excitement of a good idea and the technological challenge of implementing it can be exhilarating, neglecting the related business aspects can be a costly and sometimes fatal mistake. This is especially true when the idea and technology are dependent upon the use of content owned by others. Failure to pay or otherwise acquire the rights to use of someone else’s content where such use is central to the success of the venture, can not only cost the venture substantial amounts of money in litigation, but can be destructive of the entire business. But entrepreneurs who are considering such risks may be surprised to learn how many options exist that do not require a full and immediate payment.

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