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25 Wildly Awesome Business Quotes to Motivate and Inspire You

Whether you’re just starting a business from scratch or already leading the pack, we know everyone can use a daily dose of inspiration. Stay motivated and moving forward with what we think are the top 25 inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs everywhere! Who knows – maybe one day we’ll be quoting you! 25 Wildly Awesome Business [...]

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Pet Spa

The Hottest Consumer Product Trends of 2014

Here we go again…another exciting year of innovative products and some old mainstays that will dominate the retail shopping experience in 2014! As part of my annual preview of what’s likely to be hot for 2014 in the world of consumer product trends, I look to find those products that are either revolutionary in scope [...]

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Why You Need To Develop A Peer Group

Being an entrepreneur and the leader of a small business can be a lonely experience.  I have personally struggled with many critical and challenging business decisions, with just my own thoughts and the dimly lit ceiling I stared at during a night of not being able to sleep.  Whether it was hiring my first controller, [...]

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What are your Employees Saying?

In larger companies new employees receive a welcome packet upon hiring. In addition to the standard employee HR forms there is usually documentation detailing the history of the company. More importantly, there is often a description of the products and services. Through this documentation new employees learn how to communicate information about the company. The [...]

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One Word To Get Rid of Holiday Blues

Say Hello to a Great Year of Happiness and Business Growth! It’s a new year, and you may be feeling down because the holidays are over. Usually, things are crazy at work this time of year, and I spend long hours in front of my computer writing and developing content strategy for my clients. I [...]

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