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We are all defined by what we do.  StartupNation is a resource to help you write that definition using your goals as parameters.

We are a place of action.

For the past decade, StartupNation has been a premiere source of information and resources for small business owners looking to start or grow their business.  We have redesigned our website with this goal in mind, but with the additional goal of driving action.  As we looked at what was available on the web for entrepreneurs, we found the landscape to be overly tech obsessed and coastal – not every startup is launching an iPhone app in San Francisco.  Thus, we re-developed StartupNation with four main principles in mind:

1. Practicality.  StartupNation content must be highly valuable, useful, and practical and must be presented in a manner that is efficient and concise.

2. Quality Sources.  StartupNation content must come from entrepreneurs who live and breathe the same real world challenges that all entrepreneurs face, not from journalists who, while with all good intention, just can’t provide the same level of in-the-trenches know-how that a fellow entrepreneur can.

3. Community.  We have a vibrant community of business owners and entrepreneurs on our website and we want to foster their growth because often the best resource is someone who has been there before.  No need to reinvent the wheel.

4. Action.  The biggest challenge in creating a business is translating your idea into tangible results and reading static articles on a screen can only get you part of the way there.  We have added coaching and built our content with the dual purposes of being informative and tangible – something you can translate into your own set of circumstances.

We believe in the transformative power of entrepreneurship for individuals and for society at large, and we want our reach to be as deep and as broad as it can possibly be.  All of this has been distilled into our mantra:

Rock your business.

This is not a superfluous statement or a cheesy motivational cliche, it is a layered promise.  The first interpretation is that of a rock star, which is accurate.  We want to give you the tools to go from rehearsal and jamming in the garage to Madison Square Garden.  Next, comes the movement of rocking like a porch chair.  A good business is nimble – always adapting and never stagnant – and will have a resulting ripple effect on the market.  Finally, comes the solidity of stone.  We want to help you create a rock solid business that entitles you to a Bob Seger theme song.

We sincerely thank you for visiting us and look forward to being your partner in conquering the challenges of entrepreneurship.  The rewards are yours to keep.


The StartupNation Team



Founders, Rich & Jeff Sloan

Jeff and Rich Sloan are company creators, lifelong entrepreneurs, and brothers. With the creation of StartupNation, the Sloan brothers continue to prove that there is no obstacle too big to overcome. And as true entrepreneurs, they’re having a blast along the way.

Jeff and Rich SloanJeff and Rich are the perfect role models for budding entrepreneurs. They have an intense passion for entrepreneurship and have faced the many challenges of starting and growing successful businesses. In fact, the Sloan brothers are accomplished inventors in their own right and have obtained patents for products that have been successfully brought to market, including The Battery Buddy® which was licensed and brought to market by a Fortune 500 company.

As teenagers, the Sloans bought and sold HUD houses. As young adults, they started and sold one of the world’s leading Arabian horse breeding operations and grew a consumer products import company with best selling products. In the mid-90’s, the Sloan brothers created Sloan Ventures. This early-stage venture development and financing firm focused on creating business plans, recruiting entrepreneurial management and raising startup capital for technology-based businesses. It has infused over $60 million in financing into fast growing, technology companies.

Through their years of in-the-trenches experience, the Sloan brothers amassed a wealth of business wisdom which they enjoyed sharing with students at some of the nation’s leading business schools. Building on this, the Sloans formed StartupNation® in 2002 to offer entrepreneurs the ultimate resource for starting and growing a company. Through StartupNation, entrepreneurs can access much needed advice from a variety of experts and peers who’ve been through it before.

Today, the Sloan brothers are two of the country’s top small business experts, speaking frequently at entrepreneurial forums and acting as resources for top media venues nationwide. They co-host the nationally-syndicated StartupNation Radio call-in program, are authors of “StartupNation: Open for Business,” published by Doubleday, and provide their smarts online at www.startupnation.com. The Sloans have been featured in media such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune Small Business, Entrepreneur Magazine, PBS, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News and ABC News.

In addition, Jeff and Rich Sloan have won numerous awards including the 2005 Michigan and Midwest Small Business Journalists of the Year award by the Small Business Administration (SBA). They were also named Detroit’s Top 20 2005 Business “Dynamic Duos,” by Crain’s Detroit Business.

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