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Come on… are SEO press releases necessary?

Today’s technology allows small businesses to build awareness online cost-effectively. Traditional public relations (PR) activities such as developing story ideas, talking to media members and promoting various events are important. But if you are not combining these activities with technological advancements, you are missing out on excellent opportunities to build buzz and increase sales. You [...]

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Pet Product Inventors now have access to the Worlds Largest Pet Tradeshow

The Global Pet Expo is the world’s largest annual pet product show. Every year, it attracts attendees from leading retail chains, pet superstores, mass-market retailers, distributors, wholesalers and independent retailers. The 2012 Show featured 835 exhibitors, 2,487 booths and more than 3,000 new product launches. 5,011 pet product buyers from around the world attended. For [...]

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3 Telling Signs to Hire the Right, IT Team Members

Do you know what to look for? You just went through a mound of résumés, searched the Internet and have reduced your list of IT candidates down to a reasonable amount. Now, the fun really begins with in-person interviews. And if you are new to hiring technology people, or just want to make sure you [...]

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What Do New Visitors Think of Your Website?

Find out!

When new people visit your Website, what’s the first thing they see and click on? If you don’t know, it’s time to find out.

Check your Google Analytics and see what is going on. This is important. Why? While you may think you have a great Website packed with information for your customers and just the right search engine optimization (SEO) keywords, new site visitors may think otherwise. Take a look your Website pages to see where visitors spend the most time. If your top pages are not pulling in traffic, you have some work to do.

Here are a few suggestions…

· What do your customers want?

Which pages do your site visitors click on most? Why do you think that is? This information can tell you a lot about what your customers are looking for and whether or not you provide it.

If you have no idea why your customers are looking at some pages more than others, ask them. Run a quick survey on your site to see what kind of information they are most interested in viewing. If you don’t want to run a survey, start adding SEO content based on the topics posted on your most popular pages. Then, review the results.

· Is your site just about you?

You may think your Website is fantastic – because it talks about how great your products and services are, your background and expertise and your media clips. But what’s in it for your customers? If you are focusing on features rather than the benefits you offer, you are going to lose business to the competition.

Review each page of your site and change the SEO copy so you are focusing on how your products and services help customers solve their problems.

· What SEO keywords are you using?

While it’s important to conduct extensive research to discover what keywords your targeted audience is actually looking for, don’t forget common-sense terms. If you were a customer, what terms would you type into the search engines to find your products and services?

While SEO keyword research is essential, don’t forget to think about the key terms that are simple and come to mind first.

Stop and Look at Your SEO Copy.

As I tell my clients, SEO copywriting is an ongoing process. If you want to build online awareness and bring in sales, take the time to review your site analytics and conduct SEO keyword research. Then, it’s essential to write copy that provides valuable information to potential customers while including the right SEO keywords, placement and coding. And once your Website is up and running, your SEO processes need to be monitored regularly. This way, you can make changes to bring in better results.

SEO is a powerful tool to increase sales cost-effectively. But if you don’t use it the right way, you’ll waste valuable resources while the competition steals your customers!

What is happening with your SEO right now? If you don’t know, please contact me below or at


Find out! When new people visit your Website, what’s the first thing they see and click on? If you don’t know, it’s time to find out. Check your Google Analytics and see what is going on. This is important. Why? While you may think you have a great Website packed with information for your customers [...]

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How to Pick the Right Technology

Get what you really need to succeed If I didn’t have spam filters in place, I would be inundated with e-mail messages about the latest technology tools, software and services. It’s bad enough as it is with phone calls and snail mail. How about you? Are you overwhelmed with tech information that will supposedly solve [...]

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Stop Your SEO Resolution Now!

What are you thinking? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution for your search engine optimization (SEO) activities? If so, why? We all know that the chances of keeping a resolution are slim. Instead, why not make SEO goals for the year? By setting goals, you can plan specific activities and timelines to actually make [...]

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Technicians, Move Ahead in Your Organization

Stop the Status Quo and Take Action Now! If you are a tech specialist and stuck behind your desk whenever the big, boardroom meetings happen, it may feel like your career is at a standstill and you are not taken seriously. If this sounds familiar, have you done anything to move out of your current [...]

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Why is SEO Content King?

You’ve probably heard the statement a lot these days that “content is king.” Well, you may not know exactly what this means. Basically, your customers want valuable content. They want to know what you have to offer them. At the same time, the search engines realize this and look for valuable content on your site. [...]

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InventionHome Product Spotlight – Indoor Plant Duster

Many people list among their “New Year’s Resolutions” a pledge to keep a tidier house…to address those crevices and cobwebs that might get overlooked by the kids doing their Saturday chores…to impress their visitors with sparkling, clean surfaces.  Well here’s an invention that makes it a cinch to wash away surface dust and grime on [...]

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