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StartupNation’s 10th Anniversary and 10 Million Served

Here on the eve of StartupNation’s 10th anniversary, we’d like to thank you for your support of StartupNation. Through the years we’ve helped more than 10 million entrepreneurs become more successful. And now we’re upping the stakes, cranking up the volume and pushing it to the max! Introducing StartupNation’s Next-Level Success Club. It’s a game-changer. [...]

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Gerber Hits a Nerve

One affiliation I am thrilled to have made over the years at StartupNation is with Scott Gerber. You may have seen him contributing on our Small Business Braintrust video series (http://braintrust.startupnation.com), or if you’re a Gen Y entrepreneur, you may know Scott in his role as founder of the Young Entrepreneur Council, which is a [...]

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7 Ways to Effectively Market Your Small Business

I’ve been working from home for 20 years (not counting the Kool-Aid stands I set up, and the business I had selling rocks door-to- door when I was 8). When I started my first home-based business, technology wasn’t where it is now. I thought I was so cool when my dad gave me his old [...]

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