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What To Do After An Interview

You just spoke to a top reporter with a major publication, and the feature story is due out in one month… so what do you do now? Well, I’m sure you would like to yell it from the rooftops and tell everyone you know. But before you do, here are three things to keep in [...]

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3 Types of E-commerce Businesses that are Winning and Why

The online shopping space continues to explode, far past that era we knew as the recession, and growing faster than traditional retail is. But here are three types of e-commerce businesses that can’t stop seeing success and why they’re so amazing. 1. Group Buying Sites: So, we’re all familiar with GroupOn, LivingSocial and BuyWithMe by [...]

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Specialty Retail Entrepreneur Expo & Conference, You gotta go!

Want to start your specialty product business this year? Then you MUST attend the (SPREE) Specialty Retail Entrepreneur Expo & Conference. Be part of the world’s largest event for the $12 billion specialty retail industry! No matter if you are a retailer, or prospective entrepreneur looking for the newest concepts, or interested in starting  or [...]

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My take on being a successful mompreneur:

Recently, a fellow mompreneur-in-training tweeted me and wanted to know what I think makes a successful mompreneur?  I knew that I could not answer her back in a 140 characters or less so I promised her a blog post on the subject.  I immediately thought about the wave of emotions that accompanies being a mompreneur. [...]

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Top 3 Ways to Avoid SEO Rip-Offs

Have you been ripped off by a search engine optimization copywriter (SEO)? Well, I just heard from another entrepreneur who hired a big, SEO research firm. Unfortunately, things did not go well, and this new business owner needed some help. With this in mind, I thought it was time for a quick review so here [...]

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How Offshoring is Effective

When we were first building our business, we really, really hated the idea of outsourcing. Why? because we had so many failed projects. We were trying to get away with murder by hiring offshore programmers at incredibly low rates, as part of a 100- or 200-hour project, to build our first fully functioning website with [...]

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