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How to Easily Get 30% More Clients

I’ve been a professional speaker for many years and it’s been a tremendous boon to my business.  In any given year, speaking generates at least 30% of my new clients.   But you don’t need to be a professional speaker to leverage speaking in your business. Speaking is one of the most powerful marketing tools you [...]

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Mompreneur’s Pre-Flight Checklist

Over the last few weeks, pulling off all my various roles has been hard.  Being a mom requires a lot of patience recently, and a number of extended family issues need my attention.  At the same time, as a mompreneur, my prototype is heating up, and I am ready to pull out from the gate [...]

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Stressed Out, But Investing – Survey of Businesses by Brother

Data. It’s all around us. But I found Brother’s new survey results particularly interesting given the news we share through our new webcast series called, Small Business Braintrust, particularly our “Views on the News” feature. In the survey, it may come as no surprise that stress levels are at an all-time high among business owners. [...]

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Should you exhibit your product at the upcoming National Hardware Show (May 10-12th)?

Should you exhibit your product at the upcoming National Hardware Show (May 10-12th)? If you want exposure to thousands of industry professional looking for new products and the opportunity to learn from industry experts, YES…you should consider exhibiting at this show. The trend in National Tradeshows is to include a “micro tradeshow” for inventors within [...]

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3 Complications in Building an E-commerce Business

E-commerce is more complex than having a product and distributing it online. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of any online business that sells a physical product, both on the technology end and the physical product end. Here is just a sample of complications to consider when building an e-commerce business: Having [...]

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Reasons Why PR Is Hard

Getting press isn’t an easy task. In fact, it’s one of the harder things for a business to do because it’s more an art than anything. Here are a few reasons why PR isn’t easy: 1. You Have to Get Creative You have to be able to artfully craft pitches that are targeted for specific [...]

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