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Small Business Profile: Guideposts.com

To follow up on a previous post requesting feedback on topics and offering to highlight members of the community, I learned of Guideposts.com—a site devoted to helping people find and reach their potential. This site interested me not so much from an entrepreneurial standpoint, but because of its history. The nonprofit organization was founded in [...]

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5 Killer B2B Digital Strategies

Companies that sell to other businesses (Business-To-Business, or B2B), know that there are certain aspects to their online marketing that take on added importance when compared to Business-To-Consumer, or B2C, online marketing. In order to fuel business growth online, B2B firms should explore the following five killer B2B digital strategies: 1. Speak to the Right [...]

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How Are You Promoting Your Lemonade Stand?

Over the 4th of July, I was walking around an affluent neighborhood and about every block or so, there were children selling lemonade. Lemonade Stand 1. At the first stand, the kids were yelling from a bench about their lemonade and how much it cost. They were so loud that people were running to get [...]

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Improve Website Navigation & Improve Your Conversion Rates

When people land on your website, they are typically looking for something specific. Help them find it by delivering amazingly easy navigation on your site. Good website navigation leads to new customers and increased conversion rates. Poor website navigation causes frustration and anger. Which do prefer? So, in the spirit of creating many happy site [...]

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NBC Nightly News update and video link

Thought you might enjoy a link to an extended interview I did with NBC Nightly News. What their site says: Small business owners are ‘American heroes’ July 13: Rich Sloan from Startupnation.com explains why a recession might actually be the best time to start your own business. Click “play video” on image below. The most exciting part [...]

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