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Your Next 5 Email Marketing Ideas

When I was in college, my roommate’s homework always seemed more interesting to me, (clue- I should have been a marketing major). I came up with fun ideas for advertising campaigns, product pitches, even helped her write scripts for radio ads.  She couldn’t scribble them down as fast as some of the wacky ideas came [...]

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Are Visitors “Bouncing” from Your Website?

If we are talking about trampolines, basketballs or even Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, being bouncy is a wonderful thing. If we are talking about your website, though, being bouncy is not so wonderful. In fact, it could be downright disastrous. A website’s “Bounce Rate” represents the percentage of visits in which the visitor lands [...]

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Why Hire an SEO Copywriter?

If you want to get new customers to your site, one of the fastest ways to gain momentum is with search engine optimization (SEO). And despite what you may have heard, SEO is much for than just adding some popular keywords to your copy. SEO is a process that involves research, strategy, planning, and regular [...]

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Leveraging Social Media in your Sales Process

Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to leverage the flood of users in online social networking sites for their marketing efforts. So it’s no surprise that in a tough economy sales professionals, especially in a business-to-business sales process, want to leverage the power of their own networks to find as much information as [...]

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My Experience at the 2009 Masters

We interrupt this franchise blog to talk about something I am extremely passionate about … golf. If you are a golf fan and were watching the Masters this weekend, what a treat. Tiger and Phil’s charge on Sunday, Kenny Perry’s near miss as the oldest major champion ever and the eventual winner, Angel Cabrera taking [...]

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Micro is the New Macro

From Business Week: MBAs Go Micro “For years, small companies have had trouble competing with the larger firms that typically hire business school students, but that is starting to change. With the recession making a dent in campus recruiting, career service officers are advising students to broaden their job searches to include small businesses. Students [...]

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