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Invention of the Week #4: Future Wrist Stick

Another cool invention this week from our partners at InventionHome. This week’s feature is “Future Wrist Stick,” which was invented by Robert Moriarty and Gary Hicks.  Robert and Gary have an issued US Utility patent on their invention. As the holidays approach and “Black Friday” nears, it’s inevitable that Christmas shopping lists are materializing, too.  Along [...]

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Part 2 with Author Jon Gillespie-Brown

On Thursday, Jon Gillespie-Brown, author of the new book, “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur” shared his tips and insights. Here is the rest of that interview:   How are you marketing and promoting your book? The book is published by Wiley and Co. and they do most of the promotion, PR and marketing. [...]

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Important Contract Terms, Part I: Indemnify this.

One of the mainstays of my practice is writing, or reviewing and revising, contracts for my clients. Often, I am revising contract terms written by my client or another business person, and so, understandably, key contract terms are often absent or inadequately drafted. This led me to think about what contract terms could be critical [...]

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What Sells During an Economic Downturn

Infomat recently published a very good article, What Sells During an Economic Downturn, from which I borrowed the title for this post.  It was nice to read an article about what is selling rather than how much is not selling.  The author Jason Campbell, points out that people are slowly awakening.  There has been more of a focus [...]

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