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Fake It…Till You Make It!

I had a good friend of mine, and a very successful vendor at QVC who makes about $50 million a year successful….tell me sister, fake it till you make it! Boy, take her advice. I am all about making it…BIG…but what happens if you’re not quite there yet? Well you know FAKE IT! Everyone to [...]

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Attitude, Do You Have One?-Monday Morning Memoir

Looking at the current financial crisis creates such a negative picture for everyone.  Have you checked your 401K lately? Have you looked at your bank statement? Everywhere you turn there is more bad news.  In Michigan its been like this for three years and no hope of it getting better soon.  If you have this feeling then, how [...]

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Carrying the Torch of Entrepreneurship in India

My trip to India is underway. I am speaking day after Thanksgiving on entrepreneurship. (see previous post, “This Year, Turkey Tandooori Style”). I land, work my way through a sea of drivers standing with name cards for their clients, find mine and walk out into the parking area with him. Next to our car is [...]

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Thank You!

Since many of us will be busy getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday this week, I just wanted to take a brief moment to thank you for reading my blog entries and providing your insights and comments. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of fun, family and friends! Melanie

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Can Cutting Seconds Cut Costs?

As the old saying goes, “Time is Money.”  Big retailers such as Gap, Limited Brands, Office Depot, Toys R Us, and the Meijer grocery chain are all jumping on this bandwagon as they try to squeeze as much profit as possible out of the upcoming weak holiday shopping season. (Read more here from the WSJ, [...]

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Noise?-Monday Morning Memoir 11/24/08

Have you ever been frustrated by employee’s who love to spread rumors and create “noise”?  In a fast growth business where you learn things everyday you need to make changes quickly.  The noise can really get in your way if you don’t get in front of it.  We have been trying to execute on this [...]

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