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National Bankruptcy Day. Will the CPSIA effect you?

It’s possible if you manufacture or sell products for children under 12 years old.  The phrase “National Bankruptcy Day” was coined by toy manufacturer Rick Woldenberg, President/CEO of Learning Resources, in reference to the new CPSIA legislation that passed on October 18, 2008.  The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) is a direct response to [...]

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The Forgotten Secret to Startup Success

It’s 10:00 a.m. in the middle of the work week, and your website just went down, a client wants a document in the next twenty minutes, the shipment you were expecting didn’t arrive, you spilled mustard on your shirt five minutes before your big meeting, an employee is doing all of her holiday shopping during [...]

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The Toilet Paper Illustration

As an example of systems-thinking, and at the risk of an awful pun, reaching for a piece of toilet paper is the bottom line.   Toilet paper is a mandatory accessory. It may be the one thing that all of us have used daily for all our lives. As an illustration of a system that is [...]

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What’s Your Number….Baby?

VERY often I stumble on, or am introduced to GREAT products! I visit their web site to contact them for what could be a fantastic opportunity…..and find only a contact EMAIL…..for which I send an inquiry, and hear no response. Oh La La, YIKES! This happened to me recently, and I need to express my [...]

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Enough Doom and Gloom Already!

  For the last few weeks, it seems like there has been nothing but bad news. All of the radio and television reporters blast the latest unemployment stats, stock market dips and unrest in the world. It’s enough to turn you into a Scrooge this holiday season or make you cower in a corner with [...]

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The Dreaded Holiday Party! Monday Morning Memoir

This is always a difficult one.  Every year no mater what business I’m in, the holiday party is always drapped in a delima.  Do you invite their spouse/significant other? Do you have an open bar or cash bar? do you rent a private room or have it at your office?  We have done it all.  [...]

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