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Installing a Preventative System

Sometimes we install a system and it doesn’t do much. We achieve the desired effect by the mere existence of it. At Centratel, we knew a few of our employees spent time “cruising the net” on company time. It was impossible to track these sleight-of-hand excursions and the closest we could get to managing the [...]

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Take me serious, or else!

Stella has it right. How do we get taken seriously about being sister-preneurs. This may sound kinda funny for some, however, for those of us who know what this is like with a significant other….it is not a laughing matter. We want to be taken seriously.  My husband, I love to death and have been [...]

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Understanding Your Audience

When you receive an email, do you ever think of what compels you to open the email in the first place?  Maybe you recognize the sender or perhaps the subject line catches your eye. As an email marketer, it is important to always construct your emails to cater to the habits of your readers and [...]

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Got a last minute interview? What to do next…

It’s 6:00 a.m., and I just finished responding to a fellow, StartupNation entrepreneur who needed some help. She has a wonderful opportunity to show her products on a local television program and asked me what to do next. Since many of you may run into this same “happiness problem,” here are a few suggestions I [...]

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Now I’m the Expert

Have you got those calls yet? You know, the calls or the in-the-grocery-store chats from your old co-workers, or ex-bosses who are looking at their jobs and thinking maybe the security of a full-time job wasn’t such a secure thing after all? And they heard you started your own business and are doing quite well, thank [...]

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