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Ways to Develop Your Email Lists

So you have written and produced material for your next email campaign but have you found your audience yet? Establishing a valuable list of email recipients can often be hard work. A key factor in building effective email campaigns is to use different methods to grow and build your email lists.   One way to get [...]

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Ant or Grasshopper?

Do you plan for a crisis? Of course not. But you can plan yourself out of one! Let me weigh in here with another question: Who do you want to be? The person who goes on a hike  prepared with the Ten Essentials? Or would you rather be the one that blindly walks along and [...]

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Finding the Right Small Business Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer can be intimidating, confusing and overwhelming. How do you know who is good and who will be a good fit for your business? Unfortunately, there aren’t really any central databases you can go to get reliable information about attorneys and their track records. But here are some ways to gather information about [...]

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Hey, Green Business, is regulation a good idea?

·         How does environmental regulation affect your small businesses? o    Additional taxes? o    Ability to get loans? Credit? o    Required compliance to unnecissary rules? ·         Are self governing goal setting more effective? How have you been able to get out in front of the economic or environmental climates by o    Aligning with government initiatives? o    [...]

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Boost Sales with a Good Presentation

Hi Fellow StartupNation Entrepreneurs, Speaking in front of potential customers is a great way to generate new business. Plus, this is a hot marketing activity now since it doesn’t cost a lost of money to give a presentation. But before you hit the stage, you’ll want to prepare accordingly. To avoid boring your audience to [...]

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Would You Like Fries With That Outsourcing?

I’m a big fan of Fast Company (both online and off). When I travel, the magazine is always in my briefcase.  If they offered an App for my iPhone (like The New York Times App) I would be a faithful subscriber. You get my drift … So I was catching up on my Fast Company [...]

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