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Inside the Angel Investor Mindset

Angel investors have become more cautious in light of the recent economic uncertainty, trying to reduce their risk exposure by including more angels in each deal, according to the Angel Market Analysis for the first and second quarters of 2008 released by the Center for Venture Research at the University of New Hampshire. According to [...]

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Do you measure “the goods?”

Nations measure GDP. Big Businesses measure Profit and Revenue. Small Businesses measure People measure…their weight. Is the focus on these measures getting us to where we need to be? Probably not. Think about it: if you buy into the (very true) notion of “if measure it you can manage it,” than you get what you measure. The measures in [...]

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An Entrepreneur’s Day Out or Why I Shop Alone

Entrepreneurs are different, that’s a common theme on Startup Nation. We work differently. We think differently. And, by the looks of my Startup Nation profile pic, we dress and wear our hair differently. But, maybe that’s just me. A case in point: I went shopping with my friends. They’re your average corporate hard-charging, salary-seeking, bonus-pimping 40-hour-a-weekers. [...]

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Save Money- Send a FREE Press Release!

I remember the days when you could send a press release free of charge on most news wire services, not so much anymore. I am always looking for ways that entrepreneurs can get the word out and get noticed. Help them find a good bang for their buck, and the most cost effective way to [...]

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Ethical Thoughts…

It’s a pretty well known fact that your brand needs to stand for more than just your product these days.  One of the best avenues to communicate your brand’s core values is through a non profit association.  In planning the branding concept for my clothing line I had been struggling with which non profit organization [...]

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A eBay Seller On Fire In The Startup Nation 100 Contest!

Hi gang, For those of you who have entered the Home Based 100 contest right here on StartupNation, best of luck! Mr. John Lawson,  aka ColderIce,  is burning it up right now!  He’s a big time eBay seller and a social marketing expert (he’ll Twitter you to death!) Best of luck,  John! Here’s his entry: [...]

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