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Managing Your Sending Reputation

As an email marketer, keeping a good rapport with customers is essential in maintaining great campaigns. Perhaps more importantly, making certain that your emails are well received by Internet Service Provider (ISPs) and other email receivers can play a huge role in your overall sending reputation.  In order to leave a good impression with gatekeepers [...]

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Determining a Price Point

I am now in the process of designing and costing my first collection.  Originally, I had wanted to offer an upper moderate priced collection of women’s clothing using natural fabrics.  Well, I have found the numbers just don’t make sense.  I started to question my desire to use fine fabrics such as silk and linen and [...]

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Think Positive in Tough Times

Negativity surrounds us. But now, more than ever, it’s important to stay positive. After all, it can be really easy to spread negative comments and get caught in a downward spiral of hopelessness. Don’t let it happen to you! Toxic communications and people can be detrimental to your health and hurt your business. Without knowing [...]

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Hay Hotels…Anyone?

Interesting article in the NYTimes: Leave it to the Germans to combine livestock with lodging. In the last decade, hundreds of farms throughout Germany have transformed old barns and potato warehouses into heuhotels, or hay hotels, where guests spend the night on a bed of dried grass. The eco-friendly hotels (no sheets to change) are [...]

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Gone Missing

Several years ago we had our house remodeled. Immediately after, we “flipped” another house. In both cases, numerous subcontractors, both experienced and inexperienced, did the work.  Linda was the interior designer. I was the general contractor.  In this world of framers, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and concrete specialists, there is an interesting commonality among inexperienced subcontractors: [...]

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The Evils of Multi-Slacking

Home entrepreneurs are highly efficient people. They have to be; if they miss that mortgage payment, they lose the “home” part of that title. We’re expected to write, edit, post, design, build, market, sell, and 2.3 gazillion other duties to get our business off the ground, or at least out of the guest bedroom. Oh, yeah, and [...]

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