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What’s Your Story??

I have been reading or more truthfully, listening to Seth Godin’s book All Marketer’s are Liars.  Seth Godin is the author of the best selling marketing books over the past decade.  Let me clear the air, he doesn’t actually believe that all marketer’s are liars.  The title, I think is mainly to attract attention and stir up [...]

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Retail Product Survival……..How it’s done!

Getting your product onto a mass retailer’s shelf is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to product success. Once the product is placed….it goes into the Survival Mode! Have you ever looked down the aisle at your local Walgreens? What is it that you see? PRODUCTS, millions of them; this friend is [...]

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Staying Connected by Using Surveys

Awhile back, I mentioned the importance of surveys and how they can help you gain valuable insight into your readers’ minds. Today I am going to discuss how you can leverage surveys to get the most information from your audience. A survey is a great tool because it allows you to hear the opinions of [...]

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A StartupNation Entrepreneur Shares His Success Story

Have you heard about the most recent StartupNation success? After using the StartupNation site just like you are now, fellow entrepreneur Bill Clanton hit it big with his new business, Quick Bridge Solutions, http://www.quickbridgesolutions.com/. Although he is currently swamped with new orders, Bill took a few minutes for a two-part interview. Here’s what he had [...]

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Marketing to Moms – Key Statistics

The Marketing to Moms Coalition just released their Moms Annual Media Survey 2008.  The group surveyed 1,033 Moms all with children under 18 living at home via an online questionnaire.  Moms currently spend an estimated $2.1 trillion dollars in the U.S. marketplace.  Needless to say, knowing how to reach this key demographic can give your [...]

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Measuring the Body

Here’s an excerpt from Sam Carpenter’s book Work The System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less…        Eight years ago, in the depths of my workplace chaos, I was also dealing with a very sick body and an exhausted mind. I was delirious during the day and couldn’t sleep at night. My doctor [...]

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