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Max, The Day After

This post is a follow up to yesterday’s Pulling for Max, My Best Friend. First, thank you from the bottom of my heart. From Max’s, too. Below I will give you my perspectives on the day and hope that I’m speaking well for Max. Wow! What an incredible outpouring of love. The spirit of this community [...]

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A Totally True Spooky Startup Legend

Submitted for your consideration during this Halloween season. A true spooky startup legend. A teenage boy and his girlfriend were enjoying the October moonlight shining on a pond at a park just outside of town. The radio was playing their favorite song when it was crudely interrupted. It was a special bulletin and an almost frantic announcer exclaimed: [...]

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Pulling for Max, My Best Friend

“So fluffy!”    “That head!”    “What a big puppy!”    “He can hold three?!”   Variations of these words always seem to blurt out of people as they encounter the one-and-only, life-loving Maximus Sloan. Those of you who know Max adore him. Today, friends, he needs your support.   Among neighbors, it’s no secret [...]

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StartupNation Success Bill Clanton – Part Two

  On Tuesday, we talked to StartupNation’s latest success, Bill Clanton. He used press releases to catapult business sales for his new business, Quick Bridge Solutions,… even during today’s tough times. Here are some more great tips from Bill… What publicity activities do you plan to do in the future and why? I plan [...]

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Invention of the Week #2: Cruisin’ Casket

Halloween fun for grown-ups. That’s this week’s theme. Our featured invention from our friends at InventionHome this week is “Cruisin’ Casket”.  This product has an issued U.S. Utility patent, and was invented by the team of Daniel Mendez, Vicky Mendez and Daniel T. Mendez.   Cruisin’ Casket is a car-shaped coffin that enables the car aficionado [...]

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