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Privatizing profits and socializing losses gets you

squat. Social venture labs doesn’t often cover political or financial markets, but this is an exceptional time in our generation. They shy away from defining specifically how it will affect everyone on Main Street, but they all agree that everyone will be touched by it – so it’s worth a mention. There is little doubt [...]

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How to get on the cover of a book

If you listen to our podcasts, you recently heard my interview with Rick Smolan, a new friend and someone whose books I’ve long admired. He’s the photographer-turned-entrepreneur behind all those coffee table books that start with this in the title, “A Day in The Life of…”.  He started with “…Australia” and from there went on [...]

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If Your Product is Not a Necessity There is Still Hope

A hot topic of conversation as of late has been recession proof products, items that people need instead of want. Well, unfortunately there is a whole world of people selling products that are not necessities, particularly in the apparel and beauty industry. Companies in these industries are reacting to the harsh economic times along with [...]

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Quality Control for Your Emails

 Have you ever received or sent out emails that have misspelled subject lines, faulty images, or broken hyperlinks? The quality of your email can not only do damage to your campaigns, but more importantly it can affect your email lists, your reputation, and even your bottom line.  With a little preparation and quality control, you [...]

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What Part of Work From Home Don’t You Understand

I have a slight problem with the whole home-entrepreneur gig. Apparently, to you, me, and the rest of the Startup Nation, working-at-home means that you are WORKING at your HOME. That seems clear enough. However, the deluded, including the hubby, sometimes slip into thinking that if you WORK from home, you’re actually just sitting around [...]

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Cool Work for Yourself Tips from AWAI’s Katie Yeakle

If you are struggling to start a business and work for yourself, check out these tips from Katie Yeakle. As the executive director of American Writers & Artists, Inc., Katie has helped people successfully develop new skills to purse their dream lifestyles since 1997. Katie Yeakle, American Writers & Artists, Inc. Executive Director     [...]

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