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Finally Some Good News From eBay

Hi gang, A few hours ago,  eBay announced that they will no longer be counting Neutrals in a seller’s feedback percentage!  All sellers will be happy about this – it was one of the dumber policy changes that eBay has made in the past year. Here are a few snippits from the announcement: “Hello everyone [...]

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The Magic Pill for Publicity Success

Many new entrepreneurs often ask me how they can easily get media members to talk about their products and services. Basically, they want a “magic success pill.” And I completely understand. After working diligently to turn your idea into a real business, you just want to get things going and “watch the money roll in.” [...]

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I Need A Vacation From My Vacation!

Hi gang, So how many of you said to yourself when you read that title, “He’s got kids”. Lol – you’ve got kids too, eh? For those of you without children,  read that title again when you do – you’ll get it. I just spent a wonderful 6 days in Wisconsin at a log cabin [...]

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Learn how to draw out your vision

The older we get, and the more responsibilities we take on, there’s a tendancy for life to become increasingly “routine.” This can lead to boredom and a loss of spirit. So it’s critical to constantly integrate new and stimulating things into your life and daily practices. I’ve run across one of those recently. It’s very [...]

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I Will Choke One-out-of-Ten Advice-Givers

Do you know what’s the worst thing about starting up a home business, besides the two weeks my husband is on vacation and decides he wants to help me? I’ll tell you: it’s the “helpful” advice that you get from your so-called friends and family members, all of whom usually wear suits. You know the worn-out advice… “Well, [...]

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