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In Small Business, Is It About College or Training?

Every now and then I get asked or ask the question: what universities could do to prepare their students for a world in business.” I was randomly going through articles on Startups at Alltop and came across Is College Worth it For Entrepreneurs? at youngentrepreneur.com.   Classic, “Top 3,” “Best Of” list below:    1) [...]

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When is an entrepreneur a business person?

I was reading that Olivia Newton-John just got married again. Oh, hold your little blog ponies, people, I have a point. I just noticed in the article that her new hubby,  John Easterling, was termed an “entrepreneur” and I wondered why he was listed as such. It turns out he owns a hugely successful and, I’m gathering, lucrative business [...]

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Mommy CEO – Is it Possible?

Six months into launching Glamajama I was driving home from a playgroup with my nine month old son.  I caught Dr. Laura on talk radio telling some frazzled work-at-home Mom that there was no way she could be both a full-time Mom and a successful Entrepreneur.  Her argument was simple, one would suffer and all [...]

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I drew pictures at a sales meeting, and it worked

I made a public promise on this week’s telechat with Dan Roam, author of The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures. The promise was to use the techniques that Dan recommends at a very high-powered sales presentation that I was to give yesterday to a big potential partner. Well, I [...]

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Thank God It’s… What Day Again?

Ahhh. Just remembering the cold steel routine of the five-day work week. Every week began with a Monday. Three days were spent wishing it was Friday. And, right on cue, every week ended with a Friday. Then, there were two days spent dreading the other five days. And so on… and so on… Now, as a [...]

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