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All in the family?

Are you starting a business with a family member or a close friend? I know, I know. You are incredibly excited. You have a winning, million-dollar idea, and you are pursuing it with one of your favorite people. What could go wrong? Well, unfortunately, much can go wrong and sometimes it happens very quickly and [...]

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I’m A Stranger In My Own Land

Hi gang, Ok, we’re all business owners here.   Admit it – you’ve screwed up something before, right?  Something simple, something routine, something that makes you feel like a dolt. “You dolt” is actually what I muttered to myself on Friday as I was checking my bag in at the Air Trans counter to fly out [...]

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Outsourcing Errands and Excuses My Kids Make

Kids pick up things–not, like, their clothes or anything useful. But they do pick up attitudes and conversations. And then they use them against you. Take my kids, for example. Since my foray into the entrepreneurial world, the excuses I get from my kids have totally morphed into start-up business speak and buzz words. Last [...]

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Jill Exler’s jexbo.com PR Tips

In an effort to provide you with PR tips that really work in today’s media world, I’ll be interviewing various experts and entrepreneurs who will share their personal secrets and advice. To start, meet Jill Exler. Jill is a StartupNation fan who made her big business idea a reality. At jexbo™ (a combination of Jill’s [...]

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Hello from the Amazon Seller Conference!

Hi gang, I’m out here in beautiful Seattle at the Amazon Seller Conference this weekend.   The conference was started several years ago by a group of Amazon booksellers, and has steadily grown to a conference of around 200 sellers this year.  Amazon doesn’t directly sponsor the event, but this year they sent a River of [...]

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Getting on QVC!

How do I get on QVC? This is the most frequently asked question I get from everyone, everyday. My answer! Pray, hire a good agent and make sure you and the product are ready. Being a QVC vendor for over 8 years now, I see new products come and go every day. The things that [...]

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