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jexbo grows with PR-Jill Exler’s Interview-Part 2

On Tuesday, I introduced you to fellow entrepreneur Jill Exler. When Jill had a challenging time publishing her own book, she decided to create a business to help others. Today, self-published authors can sell their books at www.jexbo.com, and readers can find unique books and communicate directly with authors. Jill used publicity to help start [...]

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Ghost Runner on 2nd

Being an entrepreneur with a startup company is a lot like playing sandlot baseball as a kid. Growing up on E. 199th Street in Euclid, Ohio we could often get 6 or 7 guys for a summer baseball game in the street, but we couldn’t field an entire team. That meant we’d have to choose [...]

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Trunk Shows..For Men

From an article in Entrepreneur…neat reminder on “knowing your audience” and focusing well.   It’s called The Trunk Club. It’s a great example of how market, identity, and focus come together to build new businesses that combine new ideas with old-fashioned serving the customer. It’s also a personal favorite because it’s the brainchild of one [...]

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Throw Out The Long Term Plan – Do Something Now

From a post on 37 signals: A couple of Getting Realish ideas spotted in Best Life magazine: Greg Gianforte is the author of “Bootstrapping Your Business: Start and Grow a Successful Company With Almost No Money.” In Follow Your Dream, he advises throwing out your five-year plan and focusing on building something now instead. Gianforte [...]

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I’m A Stranger In My Own Land – Part II

Hi gang, (When we last left our travel Hero, he was happily blogging from a Seattle pier, looking out at the bay and enjoying himself.   Did he make it home? Let’s rejoin him….) “Waiter, I’d like a tequila sunrise please.” “Sure thing – can I see your ID ?” Blank stare. “You see, what happened [...]

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