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What Summer Super Heroes Teach Us About PR

Summer is finally here, and there are a lot of great movies to see. It got me thinking about how “Indiana Jones,” “The Incredible Hulk,” “Iron Man,” and others have a lot to teach us about PR. For example: 1. Act Fast. Super heroes think and act quickly to get results so the next time reporters contact [...]

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Make an opportunity, solve a problem, part I

Mondays just fail to register for me when I don’t hear the stopwatch on Sunday evenings. I saw this segment on Plumpynut for the second time on 60 Minutes. I’m glad this topic has come around again, and felt just as dumbfounded as to why this is such a difficult problem to solve this time [...]

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Temporary Health Insurance, Is It Right For You?

As you start your new business you need to think about your health insurance and its costs.  If you have left an employer that offered you health insurance then you will be offered COBRA.  Typically, COBRA can range between 102%-150% of the cost of the group health insurance.  If you are healthy, the best thing to do is [...]

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3 Cool Sites to Help with Your PR Efforts

If you are working on your own publicity efforts, there are a few sites that can help you build buzz while saving money. When you get a moment, check these out: By simply registering your name, e-mail address and company name on this site, you’ll get access to some great reporter requests.  Peter Shankman, [...]

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