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The Mistake Bank

I’m not much of a fan of Ning but this The Mistake Bank site seems like an interesting site. The Mistake Bank is a place to share stories of mistakes people have made in their lives and careers. After you sign up, you can contribute videos or blog posts recounting your mistakes that you think others could [...]

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Managing Your Business Credit and Cash Flow in a Down Market

As if we didn’t know it, the New York Times wrote today, “Banks struggling to recover from multibillion-dollar losses on real estate are curtailing loans to American businesses, depriving even healthy companies of money for expansion and hiring.” Yep, tough times. We all are well aware of the fact that everyone’s getting more conservative including [...]

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Ten steps to workplace success

Your employees are not mind readers or fortune tellers, and your business is not a free-form venue for experimentation, or a place where individual preference based on mood, time of the day, or random circumstance can rule the day. Your purpose and methodology must be clear, concise, consistent, and understood by everyone involved. Aim for [...]

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Turn Recession Woes into “Wows”

Economists and the media may debate whether we are in a true “recession” or not, but that doesn’t change the fact that sales are down and consumers are pulling back.  I’m certainly not excited about this, but I’m not traumatized either.  The economy is full of ups and downs and we obviously can’t have the [...]

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Mind Value

To one of my previous posts on the value of education vs/or training… I wonder if education is a system that trains people to do simply repeat history, to conform – to rinse, wash, repeat. New ideas and true innovative thinking seem to appear at “the edge,” “the fringe” – people on “the cusp.” What do you think?

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Too Much *Bleep*ing Perspective

If you’ve been a maverick entrepreneur for awhile, there’s a chance you may have lost touch with the reasons you sloughed the corporate shackles and struck off on your own. It’s road trip time. Time to pay a visit to how the other half–or three-quarters–live. Let me take you there. I went to pick up my husband at [...]

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