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Rick’s Magic Beans

One sunny day in Chicago, Rick Riehle decided to call it quits and go travel—there is something about the timing of this piece that makes that statement seem like a dare. It’s every office dweller’s fantasy. I can just see his fellow cube mates prairie-dogging up across the division, waiving their staplers and cheering him [...]

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Ready for Retail?

I wanted to share with you today some insider information and useful tips about getting your products into “mass” or “big box” retail.  My hope is that this info will make you well informed with the process when you go looking for the connections into that industry. Knowledge is power!  The myth: “If only I can [...]

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Hello Startup Nation!

My name is Kristin Potenti and I have recently decided to make my passion for fashion a full time career instead of merely a hobby.  Over the past 5-10 years I have been studying and working in the fashion industry.  It was through my work in retail that I noticed a couple of micro trends [...]

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Did Bill Gates Start His Day This Way?

I woke up this morning–and “woke” is a very relative term–to find a nice present from our dog on the living room floor, a leaking refrigerator, hungry children, and a husband who perpetually can’t find his socks. My main urge was not to start working on my business, my intent was to crawl back in [...]

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How to Calm Your Interview Nerves

If you haven’t had a lot of experience doing media interviews, you may have butterflies in your stomach or even feel sick! To overcome your nerves and improve your chances of giving a great interview, here are a few quick tips: 1. Prepare. This is pretty obvious, but the more you prepare in advance, the [...]

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