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Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Holiday Time for PR

While it may be scorching hot outside, and the last thing on your mind is the winter holiday, it’s time to pitch your products for holiday gift guides. Since many press members work on articles way in advance of publish dates, now is the time to contact them with your holiday gift ideas. Quick Steps for [...]

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You Gotta Start Your Week

Time often gets blurred in a startup company. “Normal” does not apply when it comes to workdays or workweeks. But even when you’re in a season of 8 day weeks it’s important to have a start and an end to the week. So that even if you didn’t have a “weekend” to refresh, you still [...]

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Step #2 – Begin your franchise search

As you start deciding which franchise is for you, there are dozens of sources to reference to gain valuable information about available opportunities. If you are searching for a retail opportunity in your own town, take some time to drive around and see what’s there. Use other helpful resources like YellowPages.com and Google to see [...]

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Overcoming Failure to Launch

So you’ve got some ideas, a decent prototype, and a couple customers to boot…now what?  Sadly, many would-be entrepreneurs fail at running a business before they even start.  The complexity of a business plan, lack of funding, and an army of competitors all create a standstill that causes those flames of business freedom to flicker.  [...]

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