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The art of the sale

The skill of sales is one of the most-prized attributes that an aspiring entrepreneur can have. The ability to lay out the reason why someone should buy from you and not your competitor, in a customer-centered fashion – and then go for the sale at the exact right moment, is more difficult than one would [...]

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An Early Start to a Startup Day

So what do you do when you wake up at 4am with a leg cramp and then lie in bed for the next 45 minutes wondering if it will come back while the challenges of the upcoming day are whirling through your brain? Well, if you’re the CEO of a startup company you get up [...]

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A Strong Foundation

Let’s hit the button on the “Way Back Machine” for a moment today. One of the things we took a great deal of time with as we started up Showcase U is talking about, evaluating, brainstorming and then painstakingly documenting the foundation for the company. This included a well researched business plan and moved to [...]

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Creating a mission statement

If you are in the process of launching or revamping your business and you have a solid business plan in place, there is just one more element of organizational planning you need to consider. It’s very important to create or improve upon a mission statement for your company that your team members can agree to [...]

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Birth of a Startup

I’ve been the StartupNation chief community officer for four years. That’s four years of day after day hanging around eager entrepreneurs, and drinking in the most phenomenal information on the planet to learn about starting and growing a small business. It’s been a PhD in Entrepreneurship under the tutelage of Jeff and Rich Sloan, chief [...]

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